Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Rocking and Rolling

Tues Sept 27 @ 6:40 PM

Last night was a bit scary for Steve...around 9 PM I got a shout...come up NOW...seems a fishing trawler was on his rear end and nothing he did got rid of it...I came up to see that he was doing great and the trawler with huge lights past well astern of us. Still, he felt like it was hunting him down. Glad he hollered...because I could line it up and see we were NOT on a collision course (which he couldn't while stearing). Speaking of which...I got the aires wind vane to work perfectly for me for around 7 hours last night...held course between 25 deg (plus or minus)....good enough for me. However, luck. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.

I did several things before leaving PT dual Racor fuel filters vs the single one I had. Guess what, the engine quit today...switched filters and away she went. I'll clean it in port (Half Moon Bay, hopefully). Another thing I did was install a "Prop Protector"...a little disk that goes on behind the propeller and it is razor sharp...good I am 65 miles off shore and motoring (no wind) and I hear this horrible racket like a huge Waring Blendor....up pops a whole skagel of Kelp...huge amount. Apparently I sliced and diced some of it. Horray for the Protector. Perhaps that is the junk that clogged the filter. Hey, Steve, hold it steady...I am having trouble typing (suposed he listened?).

I guess, I will look into a hydraulic self stearing device for this 10 ton machine...the Aries seems not to like directly down wind (help me out all you monitor and Aires users). Also, after changing head sails twice on this trip...perhaps it is time to talk to Carol or Sean about roller furling...Jerry and Joni are having Carol set them up...she gave them a great discount off the hardware.

We are eating...well vitamins though (asking for trouble)...we sleep a lot and both of us agreed that 3 people would be ideal. I put in a watch from 12:30 to 8:30 last night (to give Steve a full 8 hours sleep...he is a great helmsman and crew).
Current position is 71 miles off Cape Mendocino (good, hear bad news about that cape)...@ Latitude 40 deg 31 sec N and Longitude 125 deg 47.7 W...there you have it...another day at sea...Oh yes...the sun just came out...much appreciated.

Time to call our wives...later all of you and wish us easy steering and fair winds (no more 30-40 knots, please)...Skipper Ken and the crew of the Noe Mar (Steve :)

Monday, September 26, 2005

Velcro is our friend.

The weather grib called for highwinds from the north I told Steve we woud wait a day or so...then I downloaded a new GRIB....only20 off we went. Candy went out on the Jetty and waived goodby to us as we motored over the bar. We stayed motoring until we got past the white bell bouy (rocks jut way out here) and then as I recieved a big dose of mal de mar...I hoisted the reefed mainsail and went below (after all substance was elimenated from the gut). Steve was a tropper and stayed at the helm in 30-40 knot winds (so much for the latest GRIB). I recovered enough to take the helm @ 11 PM until 7:30 AM (or 8...who knows for sure). Winds were strong enough to break our reefing line...which is now repaired. Winds are down to 20 knots but the sea is still rough. We are currently @ Latitude 42 deg 3.6 sec and Longitude 125 deg 13.8 sec for the techno's. It is 7 PM pacific coast time and I'd better crash because my next watch is midnight. Steve and I are feeling better (takes a couple of days to adjust) but we are traveling slow (4 knots to 5). Cheers from the crew of the Noe Mar....and thanks tons Candy for all the velcro you is working....Ken

Sunday, September 25, 2005

What does and doesn't work.

As my friend L. careful what you ask for when you request wind...yup, we got it...around 28 knots or more. Unfortunately, a lot of it was on the stern (aft) and the aries didn't respond as well as we hoped...thus as I mentioned...we lashed the tiller with the self tailing winch....worked well. OK, what didn't work....the light is out on the compass (fixed...a lot work)...the weather cloths of the cockpit...tore and flapped wildly (fixed...cost me a few $$$)....more items hit the sole of the cabin (floor to land lubbers) than I thought was in the boat. Candy spent most of the day with velcro and 4200 (Bruce S. recommended it over 5200 for this job). Don't leave your running lights on with the radar...runs your batteries down and when that happens....eventually your computer goes down and one looses their trail of where sailed (dumb). Thus I have purchased a NewMar digital DC energy monitor with an alarm system. I have to wire it before it works...but we need to leave tomorrow @ slack tide. We have reefed the Mizzen for tomorrow (calling for 40 knot winds for a short period of travel) and reset the Aires wind vane (yes, L....we do have spare vanes for it). Also, Steve and I read the Aires we now are experts with this device...right? The Iridium phone works great...but SSB Sailmail does not...connection is bad...overuse by cruisers?

We are currently located @ 43 deg 22 sec N and 124 deg 22 sec W...aka Charleston, OR or the "Coos Bay" inlet. We have averaged around 105 miles per day (as the crow flies) so this means we have sailed around 150 mile days. Not bad for a 10 ton gaff rigged yawl. Hopefully, as we learn more about the wind vane...we will increase that. Many times we were over the water @ 6.5 knots and over the sea @ 7.5 to 8 knots over the planet (current in our favor). We got up to 80 miles off shore but normally cruised around 40-50 miles off shore.

For my friend, Cindy P (the SF writer)....we spent a whole day and night watching a huge herd of White Stallions with huge Flowing Manes gallop across the mar....what a sight (for those who haven't read the story Cindy wrote for me....those Stallions are huge swells with huge breaking white caps...caused by winds in the 30 knot should see these to believe their beauty). I might add for Pat Pope...good thing the dolphins aren't done...we would've drown them...and the decks of the Noe Mar are spotlessly clean.

Steve was a good sport when the Noe Mar listed about 30 + degrees with the decks awash...he certainly stared in AWE...or did he say "Oh Shit"??? I can't remember...but he was at the his fault :) Oh yes, more than once. I killed my Davis weather station due to salt water (my fault...I'm trying to get it to come alive).

Steve and I are now being spoiled by our wives...nice..and hopefully we will see them again soon. I know, Jody...Candy drove the entire distance in 4+4 hours...and we took 5 x 24 hours...but look above...she never saw the Stallions nor the gun metal gray plastic seas of early morning....bright moon with crystal clear stars...nor talk to a freighter that is 3 miles in front of you: Sail boat, this is the freighter (fill it in) I am 3 miles in front of you on a collision course. Reply: This is the Yawl, Noe Mar, and we have you in sight (radar and visual) and we will take evasive action...thank you. Freighter: Thanks for the one ever answers...appreciate it. And so the day goes.

One more item, Andrew (crazy KIWI from London and a great sailor) is going to become a father...papa...dada......Hey, Andrew...congratulations...and now another section of the world knows it. You will be a great dad.

We must go and finish up our last little to you in a day or so on our way to "Half Moon Bay".......Skipper, Ken and 1st mate Steve

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sept 21....well, we got wind...lots of it.

Sept 21....well, we got wind...lots of it. We are sailiing with a reefed main and a working jib...headed to Coos Bay for a stop over. Need to and regroup to head on south. Winds are 20 + knots and rough. Sailing South is NOT what they want to send us. Both of us have been sea perhaps it is good to stop for a day or so. Yesterday afternoon we had very light air and put up the Mizzen Stays'l...pretty...and it worked. However, taking it down was a chore but more important changing head sails was a good way to get a big bath. Took me a while. I reefed OK...but I think I should've set the mizzen up to reef or lowered it. Beautiful moon each night...and great sunny days. The sea reminds my of Cindy's story she wrote for me...especially the white horses and their manes. Either that or a snow plow :) We are currently 48.586 N and 125.022 Wand sailing @ 7 knots. Oh yes, we have set up a special winch system to control the tiller...the Aires has a broken vane and we are not using it right anyway. See you soon........Skipper Ken & Steve

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The first fish

Well, here it is the 20th of Sept, 2005....and first thing this morning Steve catches a tuna...cleans it and packs in zip locked bags...what a fisherman. However, none since this one. We have motored most the way and currently we are off the coast of Washington, 46.425N and 125.4327 W, traveling @ 5.6 knots. During my "Dog" watch (midnight to 6 AM) I got wind and turned off the engine. Sailed for about 2 hours and lost the wind. On with the "Iron Genny" and down with the Genoa (due to back filling and wrong angles of wind). All the sails are up other than the Jib...if we get wind they all will fly. The rudder wanders even with the "tiller tamer" on...however, the Aires works great if we have wind. We are about 41 nautical miles off shore...but perhaps we'd better put into Newport, OR for more fuel...hey, that means we can take a shower! My sail mail (WDC5664) doesn't seem to be recieveing or sending...meaning Friday Harbor is busy or ? Wish us more wind and talk to every one tomorrow.........Skipper Ken of the Noe Mar

Monday, September 19, 2005

Time to set Sail 18 Sept. 2005

We made it through the Straight of Juan de Fucia OK...but no wind. We got> wind for a few hours when I was on watch (3AM) but we lost it.> Unfortunately we are consuming fuel. Currently we are off the coast of> Washingto @ 48 N and 125.24 W. Steve saw a pod of a huge cruise ship. I saw another cruise ship later last night. Amazing amount of lights lit. I feel a little sea sick...but haven't tossed up my cookies yet. Not sure I have the airies wind vane set right...but who knows, we rarely have enough wind.If anyone wishes to e-mail us use the "Whiskey Delta Charlie" number, so I can see if it works :) Besides it is free.Noe Mar is ship shape...few things a shakle came louse (Mizzen) and I replaced it...a leak appeared in the V berth and hopefully I have fixed it with "5200". Lots of food but we are not thrilled about cooking in this rolly sea. Apparently I do not have tea (green tea is NOT tea) but perhaps I can add some honey to the green stuff and survive until port. Which by the way, could be Newport, OR if we continue to have to motor sail. Miss everyone and had a great send off at the AJAX (as I said before). Wish us more wind...OK? Skipper Ken & Steve

Saturday, September 17, 2005

3rd day on land...YUK

Ok, we are now full of fuel...with 20 gallons of extra diesel...and we have very full water tanks. Seems, Aqua Marine never made it to PT...he had a call from CA...bigger fish to fry. Steve and I tore the RO system apart...check all of my installation...etc...fired it up...and no go. Who knows what is wrong...but it does NOT work. Thus, Candy is getting us quarts of bottled water for the bildge and we filled the water tanks to the brim. We should be fine for with water if we are cautious and frugal. WOW...all of you should've been at the AJAX cafe last night...the owners/staff gave me a great bottle of AJAX shirt (which they autographed) plus I got a free meal. What a group...they all are fantastic and I will miss them. Malcolm played his sax with the guitarist and everyone was was I. Thanks Mal....and from now on Heidi (my youngest) will post my blogs on line...because come Hell or High Water...we leave tomorrow. The wind looks good once we get out of the Straight...Steve is finishing lashing the mounts for the Tinker (our life raft and soft dingy). All sails are uncovered and the working jib is lashed to the rails....we are going to get a bit to eat...sack out and leave in the early fog (thanks to the Furuno radar). Wish us well and let's hope we can keep you laughing with our daily antics. We will miss all of you..............Skipper Ken

Friday, September 16, 2005

Day 2 of the journey south

Well, here we are in Port Hadlock, trying to get ready to leave. We loaded up on Freeze Dry...and stopped by our friends, Bob & Robin Samuels....well, Robin is a great friend and a "mother hen" :) seems she filled our food larder up and smiled a lot. The bad news is, we installed the new piece of hose on the R.O. water system....and it still is not working. I probably should've purchased a Spectra...but you have to plum it also and I felt it would be neater to store various parts in various places on the Noe Mar. Still, we used the Spectra on "Ocean Planet" and Bruce loved it...12V and it served him well around the world twice and accross the Atlantic 3 times. Dan, from Aqua Marine, said he would fly over this AM to check the pump. He thinks it is the valves...I feel the factory didn't hook up the main drive shaft correct. Meanwhile...we continue to stock our larder....look for a hand R.O. system....and probably put off leaving until Sunday. Everyone is showing for our dinner @ favorite resturant...and Malcolm is bringing his Ken

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Noe Mar's first off shore passage

It is Wed, Sept 14, 2005 and I am about finished with my packing.

My nephew, Steve, is finished packing and is on his way from Bandon, OR to our home in Scotts Mills, OR.

Tomorrow we leave for Port Hadlock, WA and the Noe Mar. We will stop by the NW Sail loft and pick up our Stearns weather suits (thanks Sean for the drop off point and thanks Jerry and Joni for locating them and pricing them for us).

Friday morning we will survey the Noe Mar (for Chula Vista marina) and hook up a few things...fill her with diesel and then have a dinner with family and friends at the Ajax cafe. My son-in-law "Doc Malcolm" will get time off from the Naval Hospital and play the Sax for us while we dine of great food and fine local beer and wine.

Come Sat (around 5 AM) we will head off across the bay into the Straight of Juan de Fucia...and then out to sea (later that night).

I will keep you posted with our progress...and e-mail you from out at sea. We have 2 e-mail accounts when off shore: and the later one is free (well after my annual fee) but I haven't used it yet...but give it a is working.

When we are on land we will read e-mail as follows:

WOW! we are connected...that and MaxSea with C-map NT and Mapmedia2 for charts...radar, the whole nine yards. My nav station looks like something out of Star Wars or what ever.

Wish us luck............later......................Skipper Ken