Friday, September 16, 2005

Day 2 of the journey south

Well, here we are in Port Hadlock, trying to get ready to leave. We loaded up on Freeze Dry...and stopped by our friends, Bob & Robin Samuels....well, Robin is a great friend and a "mother hen" :) seems she filled our food larder up and smiled a lot. The bad news is, we installed the new piece of hose on the R.O. water system....and it still is not working. I probably should've purchased a Spectra...but you have to plum it also and I felt it would be neater to store various parts in various places on the Noe Mar. Still, we used the Spectra on "Ocean Planet" and Bruce loved it...12V and it served him well around the world twice and accross the Atlantic 3 times. Dan, from Aqua Marine, said he would fly over this AM to check the pump. He thinks it is the valves...I feel the factory didn't hook up the main drive shaft correct. Meanwhile...we continue to stock our larder....look for a hand R.O. system....and probably put off leaving until Sunday. Everyone is showing for our dinner @ favorite resturant...and Malcolm is bringing his Ken


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