Sunday, September 25, 2005

What does and doesn't work.

As my friend L. careful what you ask for when you request wind...yup, we got it...around 28 knots or more. Unfortunately, a lot of it was on the stern (aft) and the aries didn't respond as well as we hoped...thus as I mentioned...we lashed the tiller with the self tailing winch....worked well. OK, what didn't work....the light is out on the compass (fixed...a lot work)...the weather cloths of the cockpit...tore and flapped wildly (fixed...cost me a few $$$)....more items hit the sole of the cabin (floor to land lubbers) than I thought was in the boat. Candy spent most of the day with velcro and 4200 (Bruce S. recommended it over 5200 for this job). Don't leave your running lights on with the radar...runs your batteries down and when that happens....eventually your computer goes down and one looses their trail of where sailed (dumb). Thus I have purchased a NewMar digital DC energy monitor with an alarm system. I have to wire it before it works...but we need to leave tomorrow @ slack tide. We have reefed the Mizzen for tomorrow (calling for 40 knot winds for a short period of travel) and reset the Aires wind vane (yes, L....we do have spare vanes for it). Also, Steve and I read the Aires we now are experts with this device...right? The Iridium phone works great...but SSB Sailmail does not...connection is bad...overuse by cruisers?

We are currently located @ 43 deg 22 sec N and 124 deg 22 sec W...aka Charleston, OR or the "Coos Bay" inlet. We have averaged around 105 miles per day (as the crow flies) so this means we have sailed around 150 mile days. Not bad for a 10 ton gaff rigged yawl. Hopefully, as we learn more about the wind vane...we will increase that. Many times we were over the water @ 6.5 knots and over the sea @ 7.5 to 8 knots over the planet (current in our favor). We got up to 80 miles off shore but normally cruised around 40-50 miles off shore.

For my friend, Cindy P (the SF writer)....we spent a whole day and night watching a huge herd of White Stallions with huge Flowing Manes gallop across the mar....what a sight (for those who haven't read the story Cindy wrote for me....those Stallions are huge swells with huge breaking white caps...caused by winds in the 30 knot should see these to believe their beauty). I might add for Pat Pope...good thing the dolphins aren't done...we would've drown them...and the decks of the Noe Mar are spotlessly clean.

Steve was a good sport when the Noe Mar listed about 30 + degrees with the decks awash...he certainly stared in AWE...or did he say "Oh Shit"??? I can't remember...but he was at the his fault :) Oh yes, more than once. I killed my Davis weather station due to salt water (my fault...I'm trying to get it to come alive).

Steve and I are now being spoiled by our wives...nice..and hopefully we will see them again soon. I know, Jody...Candy drove the entire distance in 4+4 hours...and we took 5 x 24 hours...but look above...she never saw the Stallions nor the gun metal gray plastic seas of early morning....bright moon with crystal clear stars...nor talk to a freighter that is 3 miles in front of you: Sail boat, this is the freighter (fill it in) I am 3 miles in front of you on a collision course. Reply: This is the Yawl, Noe Mar, and we have you in sight (radar and visual) and we will take evasive action...thank you. Freighter: Thanks for the one ever answers...appreciate it. And so the day goes.

One more item, Andrew (crazy KIWI from London and a great sailor) is going to become a father...papa...dada......Hey, Andrew...congratulations...and now another section of the world knows it. You will be a great dad.

We must go and finish up our last little to you in a day or so on our way to "Half Moon Bay".......Skipper, Ken and 1st mate Steve


Blogger The Scotts said...

Sounds very exciting! Sorry we missed your call while on land in Bandon...Glad your only hassled by minor problems! No more listing the boat you two - OK? : )
Can't wait to hear more of your adventure!
Love -
Dianne & Dave

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