Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sept 21....well, we got wind...lots of it.

Sept 21....well, we got wind...lots of it. We are sailiing with a reefed main and a working jib...headed to Coos Bay for a stop over. Need to and regroup to head on south. Winds are 20 + knots and rough. Sailing South is NOT what they want to send us. Both of us have been sea perhaps it is good to stop for a day or so. Yesterday afternoon we had very light air and put up the Mizzen Stays'l...pretty...and it worked. However, taking it down was a chore but more important changing head sails was a good way to get a big bath. Took me a while. I reefed OK...but I think I should've set the mizzen up to reef or lowered it. Beautiful moon each night...and great sunny days. The sea reminds my of Cindy's story she wrote for me...especially the white horses and their manes. Either that or a snow plow :) We are currently 48.586 N and 125.022 Wand sailing @ 7 knots. Oh yes, we have set up a special winch system to control the tiller...the Aires has a broken vane and we are not using it right anyway. See you soon........Skipper Ken & Steve


Blogger JPMills said...

Glad to hear about wind in the sails. Keep the reefs in the sails (not under the boat).

Lots of fun to read about the adventure.


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