Monday, September 26, 2005

Velcro is our friend.

The weather grib called for highwinds from the north I told Steve we woud wait a day or so...then I downloaded a new GRIB....only20 off we went. Candy went out on the Jetty and waived goodby to us as we motored over the bar. We stayed motoring until we got past the white bell bouy (rocks jut way out here) and then as I recieved a big dose of mal de mar...I hoisted the reefed mainsail and went below (after all substance was elimenated from the gut). Steve was a tropper and stayed at the helm in 30-40 knot winds (so much for the latest GRIB). I recovered enough to take the helm @ 11 PM until 7:30 AM (or 8...who knows for sure). Winds were strong enough to break our reefing line...which is now repaired. Winds are down to 20 knots but the sea is still rough. We are currently @ Latitude 42 deg 3.6 sec and Longitude 125 deg 13.8 sec for the techno's. It is 7 PM pacific coast time and I'd better crash because my next watch is midnight. Steve and I are feeling better (takes a couple of days to adjust) but we are traveling slow (4 knots to 5). Cheers from the crew of the Noe Mar....and thanks tons Candy for all the velcro you is working....Ken


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