Saturday, September 17, 2005

3rd day on land...YUK

Ok, we are now full of fuel...with 20 gallons of extra diesel...and we have very full water tanks. Seems, Aqua Marine never made it to PT...he had a call from CA...bigger fish to fry. Steve and I tore the RO system apart...check all of my installation...etc...fired it up...and no go. Who knows what is wrong...but it does NOT work. Thus, Candy is getting us quarts of bottled water for the bildge and we filled the water tanks to the brim. We should be fine for with water if we are cautious and frugal. WOW...all of you should've been at the AJAX cafe last night...the owners/staff gave me a great bottle of AJAX shirt (which they autographed) plus I got a free meal. What a group...they all are fantastic and I will miss them. Malcolm played his sax with the guitarist and everyone was was I. Thanks Mal....and from now on Heidi (my youngest) will post my blogs on line...because come Hell or High Water...we leave tomorrow. The wind looks good once we get out of the Straight...Steve is finishing lashing the mounts for the Tinker (our life raft and soft dingy). All sails are uncovered and the working jib is lashed to the rails....we are going to get a bit to eat...sack out and leave in the early fog (thanks to the Furuno radar). Wish us well and let's hope we can keep you laughing with our daily antics. We will miss all of you..............Skipper Ken


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