Thursday, August 16, 2007

La Paz 207 pictures

Here are some of our favorite pictures of La Paz...and check out the looms...these are real and were in use making beautiful rugs.

Spring trip to La Paz

Candy and I (OK so it was mainly my idea) decided to go down to La Paz and play with the Noe Mar. I assured her that we would NOT have to go sailing...nor would we spend all of our time working on the boat (well, we did spend some time working on it).

So, off we was hot when we arrived on the 10th of June, 2007...the weather was very warm and sunny (always in La Paz).

We found the Noe Mar...opened her up and settled back for a relaxing time in La Paz. We went to my favorite restaurants,walked up and down the beach walk (this is beautiful in La Paz)and ran into old boating friends from San Carlos, Mx.

We took the tinker out...went over to the Mangrove swamps across the way, went swimming and enjoyed the great hot weather. Oh yes, La Paz is not very touristy but has the highest middle class constituents in Mexico. Yes, you had better brush up on some of your beginning espanol. Candy was great at it.

Now, as to the repairs on the Noe Mar. The boomkin needed repair...and I had purchased a rigging tension device...time to use it. Sure enough, the Mizzen stays were very we tightened them up to specs.

This is a great tool and every sail boat should have one aboard, the Noe Mar was professionally rigged before it left Port Hadlock, WA by Brion Toss...still with all the heavy winds and hot sun, she has become loose. It seems to me that stainless expands in heat...heavy winds cause it to stretch slightly...etc, in fact, I still need to do the main stays. I bought my professional gauge from Brion Toss Rigging in Port Townsend, WA. I would advise to not try to cut corners with this tool...get the professional one...more accurate...and remember, this is a sailboat. That reminds me of crossing paths with a large (60 ft or more) sail boat in the Atlantic. Professionally skippered and headed to the Azores...broken inner stay...and limping. Requested weather GRIB files from us on the Ocean Planet (google that one...aka Bruce Schwab). We gave them the info so they could sail to the Azores in lighter air...thus, hopefully, saving their mast and rigging. This appeared to be a rather new boat. Think about it.

We hired a fellow to help us scrape and redo the cabin sides (cetol) plus I touched up the bow with Interlux paint. The Noe Mar needs to be hauled and repainted this fall when I go back down by myself. However, I am putting off the trip until Sept due to the heat in La Paz.

We walked a great evenings...great super mercados (real ones) and lots of celebration around town (always). Great fact they have an ice cream store (gelato) that is home made and fantastic. We even found a Turkish restaurant...small and hidden but we found it.

Of course, Candy had to try her espanol on military guards (armed to the teeth and all in black) that were guarding a housing complex...well, we didn't get shot...but no, they did not understand her. Later we found out...they are protecting naval housing for the families...nothing else...hmmmm.

Enjoy the pictures...and remember...keep your shrouds adjusted and sail well.