Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Rocking and Rolling

Tues Sept 27 @ 6:40 PM

Last night was a bit scary for Steve...around 9 PM I got a shout...come up NOW...seems a fishing trawler was on his rear end and nothing he did got rid of it...I came up to see that he was doing great and the trawler with huge lights past well astern of us. Still, he felt like it was hunting him down. Glad he hollered...because I could line it up and see we were NOT on a collision course (which he couldn't while stearing). Speaking of which...I got the aires wind vane to work perfectly for me for around 7 hours last night...held course between 25 deg (plus or minus)....good enough for me. However, luck. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.

I did several things before leaving PT dual Racor fuel filters vs the single one I had. Guess what, the engine quit today...switched filters and away she went. I'll clean it in port (Half Moon Bay, hopefully). Another thing I did was install a "Prop Protector"...a little disk that goes on behind the propeller and it is razor sharp...good I am 65 miles off shore and motoring (no wind) and I hear this horrible racket like a huge Waring Blendor....up pops a whole skagel of Kelp...huge amount. Apparently I sliced and diced some of it. Horray for the Protector. Perhaps that is the junk that clogged the filter. Hey, Steve, hold it steady...I am having trouble typing (suposed he listened?).

I guess, I will look into a hydraulic self stearing device for this 10 ton machine...the Aries seems not to like directly down wind (help me out all you monitor and Aires users). Also, after changing head sails twice on this trip...perhaps it is time to talk to Carol or Sean about roller furling...Jerry and Joni are having Carol set them up...she gave them a great discount off the hardware.

We are eating...well vitamins though (asking for trouble)...we sleep a lot and both of us agreed that 3 people would be ideal. I put in a watch from 12:30 to 8:30 last night (to give Steve a full 8 hours sleep...he is a great helmsman and crew).
Current position is 71 miles off Cape Mendocino (good, hear bad news about that cape)...@ Latitude 40 deg 31 sec N and Longitude 125 deg 47.7 W...there you have it...another day at sea...Oh yes...the sun just came out...much appreciated.

Time to call our wives...later all of you and wish us easy steering and fair winds (no more 30-40 knots, please)...Skipper Ken and the crew of the Noe Mar (Steve :)


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