Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Noe Mar's first off shore passage

It is Wed, Sept 14, 2005 and I am about finished with my packing.

My nephew, Steve, is finished packing and is on his way from Bandon, OR to our home in Scotts Mills, OR.

Tomorrow we leave for Port Hadlock, WA and the Noe Mar. We will stop by the NW Sail loft and pick up our Stearns weather suits (thanks Sean for the drop off point and thanks Jerry and Joni for locating them and pricing them for us).

Friday morning we will survey the Noe Mar (for Chula Vista marina) and hook up a few things...fill her with diesel and then have a dinner with family and friends at the Ajax cafe. My son-in-law "Doc Malcolm" will get time off from the Naval Hospital and play the Sax for us while we dine of great food and fine local beer and wine.

Come Sat (around 5 AM) we will head off across the bay into the Straight of Juan de Fucia...and then out to sea (later that night).

I will keep you posted with our progress...and e-mail you from out at sea. We have 2 e-mail accounts when off shore: and the later one is free (well after my annual fee) but I haven't used it yet...but give it a is working.

When we are on land we will read e-mail as follows:

WOW! we are connected...that and MaxSea with C-map NT and Mapmedia2 for charts...radar, the whole nine yards. My nav station looks like something out of Star Wars or what ever.

Wish us luck............later......................Skipper Ken


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