Friday, January 06, 2006

January 2006

I am ready to head south to the Noe Mar on the 23 of Jan, 2006. I have all of the shielded cable wiring for the autopilot and fluxgate compass, new halyards to replace the "twisty ones" that are on the main Gaff...and two new set ups for preventers. No more broken booms.

I don't think I'll get the electrosan installed...but I should be close before Feb 18th...hopefully I'll finish it in Mexico.

R.O. water system...I have not given up...I will test a new theory. If it doesn't work this may be "e-bay" and give the problem to someone else. However, I know people who have the same unit and it works well. OK, so I'll struggle some more. My advice to those that are the extra $$$ and just plug and play. That unit worked great all the way across the Atlantic. My unit puts out more H2O but hey...who cares.

I just lost my crew to Mexico from San Diego (Regina & Chris) on the first of if anyone wishes to sail down wind for a couple of weeks...hollar.