Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finally it all works...RO

Here is the final installation of the fittings and low pressure pump for the RO water system. Found 3 leaks on the actual high pressure pump, one required tightening a hose clamp, one putting Marine-tek epoxy on a plug and re inserting it, and the last one was simply putting Marine-tek around it after it was cleaned and warm (propane torch, easy does it). All seems makes around 20-30 gphr. Marine-tek is sorta like JB weld but better.
The other wires, black looped up and the white ones, are wires to the autopilot that I use (Raymarine with yaw control). Had to mount that unit away from the engine...sorta in the center of the boat...etc. Works great. Installed two boom for the main, a "ServoBrake" (I got it from KISS...but now it is handled elsewhere) and a 8 descender for the Mizzen boom. Not sure if I have it all right...but we will test and adjust once we get going. Picture will appear later. Almost ready to go to Hilo.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

RO water maker

So far I have spent 3 days trying to figure out the problem with the RO water maker...and here was what happened...most due to lake of running all of you out there, use yours.
1) all pre filters were new ones went in.
2) The pre pump (40 psi) delivery pump was leaking...bought a new one that put out 5.2 gal/min vs 4.3...picture attached.
3) air leak...cleaned the thru hull with a firm wire...used a marine grade cromax wire...because the stick with a metal washer on it that Bill the Water maker guy uses, would not fit. Next...he came down and we did the following:
a) replaced all metal hose fittings with new can see the metal ones. They were corroded and leaked.
b) by passed the low pressure switch...not needed if you pay attention to the unit.

All that sounds simple...but I spent hours and hours working on it...and thanks for Bill on the 45 Hunter for his help...and Bill of Ocean Quest check out his web site (water maker guy) that gave me all new 20 micron and 5 micron pre filters and lots of great advice...since he has been doing that for 20+ years. Go on line and google Bill on Ocean Quest...big Norwegian trawler that is a true beauty.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Trawler next door

Here is the Puget Trawler...a motor sailer with a Ford Lehman 90 HP engine. Cool boat, wonder how it actually sails. He is proud that he only consumes 1 gal per hour...but at 7 knots that equals 8 the 2.5 mpg of the new Nordic 32 down the gangway.

Waiting for Cetol to dry and

Here I sit, waiting for Cetol to dry...actually I would put another coat on and forget it but my neighbor has been sanding all of his wood trim...which is far more than I have, for 4 days. I did have the Noe Mar clean in and I can do it all over again. What a mess. The Marina owner, Mac, (whom I had never met...asked him is he was Mary's husband...he grinned and said, yes, today) came buy and politely chewed out the Yank from Colorado that is doing this. Actually he should have hauled it in the yard next door and had it done, vs the Marina and all of the dust. I may have to vacuum my cushions...yuk! Some people. I have done some sanding with a sander...but carefully and a half day or less. Well, perhaps that is because I am a true Scotsman. However he (Aja) and Norma took me out for dinner and drinks...made up for the extra work I had to do...thanks Aja

While waiting I bought 5 baskets of Fresos..and am eating them and drinking a juice similar to apple..but not.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


OK, so that is espanol...but fiber glass built boat owners always say things like: Wow keeping up a wooden boat is a lot of work...glad I don't have that. Although they will tell me how beautiful she is.

Today, I noticed a lot of composite (plastic :-) boats being worked on...a new 32 tug (actually 34 ft on deck) had two full time laborers working 3 days...why? Scrub and polish...and all of the windows. Never mind that I had 1 person (I helped) paint the hull in 1/2 day. The guy next to me on his big Hunter has it scrubbed and washed every week...and when he is gone, they still do it. I guess it is how wealthy you are and where you want to spend your $$$ But upkeep...not much difference...we all clean the bottom monthly and repaint it once a year or so (depends on the paint you chose).

Oh well boating is a spendy life style...the guy next to me has a crew of 2 taking over a week to sand (ouch...tons of dust inside and out of the Noe Mar) and refinish his rub rails, etc.


Today was the start on repairing the dingy...wood rotted on one it now has new rubstrake installed. This picture is stage one. Hopefully tomorrow it will be finished.

Here it is, new rub rail, and the canvas fire hose is removed...need to re-install some new when I get to Washington

Here it is on Deck...where it will stay until I get fire hose on it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WA license

For those that have sharp eyes..I have 2012 license with the State of Washington...but I never received the decals...but the license is on file....hopefully 2013 decals will show.

Almost ready

Today, after the bottom was painted, we (meaning I hired a fellow) painted the hull of the Noe Mar...probably have to sand and repaint again in Port Townsend in a year + but hey, it looks good and is getting ready to go.

Also, check out the old plum wine (16% alcohol) made locally...I have had it for several years...good when it is cool out...home made...Blood Wine :-)

Friday, March 16, 2012

sunset in La Paz

Tonight I had a great sunset and a great dinner @ El Rustico...Italian Pizza

La Paz, BCS, Mx

close to the Marina de La Paz, are two is sorta like the entrance to La Paz (but at a dead end road close to a Marina) and the other is a Navy school for the Nino's aka small children.

stage 2

Here are a couple of pictures after she had her bottom cleaned, sealed and painted

Preparing for the sail off shore to Hawaii

Hauled her out 3/14/2012 8:30 AM...back in today @ 3:30 PM (3/16/2012). She needed this bottom job...a lot of little items, but the crew @ Marina del Palmar did a great job. They did not paint the topsides, but did remove the boot strip and paint the stern. All bare spots were "smithed" with Smith's penetrating epoxy (spendy but a little goes a long way). Used 2 gallons of Petite Trinadad, Red, bottom paint. List in Mexico is $400 USD per gallon, but I got it @ Seamar for $377/gallon (originally quoted $350...Oh well). As I recall that is around $250/gal in the USA.
The haul out cost $612 USD cash, and that included all labor, lift in and out...etc. I of course, provided all the paint, but they used their own equipment.
New zincs...added extra for the trip.
Check it I need to paint above the water line, sew up the Dodger (zippers rotted out), re-locate part of the Split antenna for the SSB radio...and remember how to use it. Get a new Sims card for the Iridium phone, etc.
Crew is coming together...Tom from Kodiak, and Michael from...well, he is in South America doing things. But he assured me that on April 8 he will arrive. Hope so, since I extended my moorage to the 15th and we need 4 days to clear customs.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Tomorrow I fly to La Paz, BCS, Mx...arrive at the Noe Mar at 4 pm and straighten it up. Tuesday, I will clean the inside and outside and then Wednesday she goes on the hard for fresh bottom paint, zincs, through hulls to be checked and some paint on the tops sides. Should be back in the water by Friday evening.

Senor Carlos will be assisting me this time.

I will have time to check everything out, change oil, make sure the RO water system works 100% (and my brain on how to use it :-) ...all in preparation to sail to Hilo, Hawaii on the 9th of April. Should have time to finish everything.

Candy comes down on the 2nd of April and flies back to PDX to get the "wee" ones for a week. I will call them the day we leave.

Tom & Michael should be on board by then and all groceries stashed away. What a project

Cheers...will keep all posted with pictures as I proceed with this huge project

Ken Scott