Thursday, July 05, 2012

With a new alternator, we headed North...first to Half Moon Bay to meet up with old friends, Pete & Linda and to have dinner.  Great dinner and great visit.

Next on to Santa Cruz to meet up with more friends, Jack & Linda.  That was great and got a nice bottle of great wine.  Santa Cruz has some high tech boats in it's rebuilt marina.  Nice to visit.

OK, the next stop was Monterrey Marina...and a great visit with my wife, step daughter and grand children....more fun and good to see all of them (esp Candy).

On to our final stop at this time:  San Francisco Bay....called a lot of Marinas, but not much luck, since I have a wooden boat...however, the one I used 6 years ago, Loch Lomond Marina in San Rafael remembered me and welcomed us in.  Cheaper moorage also.

I decided to have Tom sand and paint the hull for a week, and I flew home to see Candy and then drove back to take Tom to the train station in Sacramento so he could go see his brother. 

Time to clean up the Noe Mar...check the wiring on the fact took it back to have it tested.  Meanwhile, since Malia (Calif grand daughter) was graduating from Pre school :-)  Candy brought my original alternator back on the plane. 

Next I drove back home, checked out the alternator and found the isolator was hooked up wrong when we replaced it in Morrow Bay...OH does keep learning things....not sure who hooked it up, me or the mechanic. 

Perhaps I like driving up and down the I-5 Freeway :-)