Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The first fish

Well, here it is the 20th of Sept, 2005....and first thing this morning Steve catches a tuna...cleans it and packs in zip locked bags...what a fisherman. However, none since this one. We have motored most the way and currently we are off the coast of Washington, 46.425N and 125.4327 W, traveling @ 5.6 knots. During my "Dog" watch (midnight to 6 AM) I got wind and turned off the engine. Sailed for about 2 hours and lost the wind. On with the "Iron Genny" and down with the Genoa (due to back filling and wrong angles of wind). All the sails are up other than the Jib...if we get wind they all will fly. The rudder wanders even with the "tiller tamer" on...however, the Aires works great if we have wind. We are about 41 nautical miles off shore...but perhaps we'd better put into Newport, OR for more fuel...hey, that means we can take a shower! My sail mail (WDC5664) doesn't seem to be recieveing or sending...meaning Friday Harbor is busy or ? Wish us more wind and talk to every one tomorrow.........Skipper Ken of the Noe Mar


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Blogger cyndi said...

Great catch Steve, nice to know you are cleaning your own catch. I would hate to come home and find that in the sink! Who said there weren't any fish out there???

8:43 PM  

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