Friday, April 22, 2016

Home & repairs

I got the Noe Mar into her berth, years ago, tuned up the engine, found why it didn't run right:-)  Due to a collapsed intake tube.

Replaced the tube & started going over everything.  One thing leads to another.

Motored over to the wooden boat show and lost a prop on my Kiwi Prop.  Hauled her & installed my back up prop (Michigan 3 blade).  Whew, thanks Jerry for your help getting her their & back.

I decided last fall to haul her & repaint her hull (been a while) here it is:
Then they found the deck fiberglass was coming loose, so after the paint was stripped, the deck edges were all glassed......oops, found some iron sickness in a spot or so on the port side.

 Also, found one keel bolt that needed replace, so here is Kit using his keel bolt extractor...built a new one, with grease fittings & installed it.

New planks, new keel bolt, new paint job & $20,000 poorer...I do need to sell this gal.  A great boat but I am getting too old to do all the work.