Saturday, June 11, 2016

For Sale

Some time this year, I will sell the Noe Mar, a Seagoer Yawl...I have well over $100,000 in her, but she has taken me to Mexico and back, plus around San Juan Islands.  Been a blast.

I just repaired her hull and now am going for top side paint.  Ok, so I am 80 years old, two shoulder surgeries and it is time to pass her on to a younger person.

Her Value is listed at $75,000 (surveyed)....but I want to get her a new home, & hopefully to someone who appreciates her history...I will even throw in a few books on her & her sister ships that are famous.  HARRY PIDGEON & others.

If you are qualified as a ship wright or a student at the Wooden boat School, I am willing to take no interest...but otherwise, make me a deal I cannot refuse.