Friday, March 23, 2012

Waiting for Cetol to dry and

Here I sit, waiting for Cetol to dry...actually I would put another coat on and forget it but my neighbor has been sanding all of his wood trim...which is far more than I have, for 4 days. I did have the Noe Mar clean in and I can do it all over again. What a mess. The Marina owner, Mac, (whom I had never met...asked him is he was Mary's husband...he grinned and said, yes, today) came buy and politely chewed out the Yank from Colorado that is doing this. Actually he should have hauled it in the yard next door and had it done, vs the Marina and all of the dust. I may have to vacuum my cushions...yuk! Some people. I have done some sanding with a sander...but carefully and a half day or less. Well, perhaps that is because I am a true Scotsman. However he (Aja) and Norma took me out for dinner and drinks...made up for the extra work I had to do...thanks Aja

While waiting I bought 5 baskets of Fresos..and am eating them and drinking a juice similar to apple..but not.


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