Monday, March 12, 2012


Tomorrow I fly to La Paz, BCS, Mx...arrive at the Noe Mar at 4 pm and straighten it up. Tuesday, I will clean the inside and outside and then Wednesday she goes on the hard for fresh bottom paint, zincs, through hulls to be checked and some paint on the tops sides. Should be back in the water by Friday evening.

Senor Carlos will be assisting me this time.

I will have time to check everything out, change oil, make sure the RO water system works 100% (and my brain on how to use it :-) ...all in preparation to sail to Hilo, Hawaii on the 9th of April. Should have time to finish everything.

Candy comes down on the 2nd of April and flies back to PDX to get the "wee" ones for a week. I will call them the day we leave.

Tom & Michael should be on board by then and all groceries stashed away. What a project

Cheers...will keep all posted with pictures as I proceed with this huge project

Ken Scott


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