Friday, March 16, 2012

Preparing for the sail off shore to Hawaii

Hauled her out 3/14/2012 8:30 AM...back in today @ 3:30 PM (3/16/2012). She needed this bottom job...a lot of little items, but the crew @ Marina del Palmar did a great job. They did not paint the topsides, but did remove the boot strip and paint the stern. All bare spots were "smithed" with Smith's penetrating epoxy (spendy but a little goes a long way). Used 2 gallons of Petite Trinadad, Red, bottom paint. List in Mexico is $400 USD per gallon, but I got it @ Seamar for $377/gallon (originally quoted $350...Oh well). As I recall that is around $250/gal in the USA.
The haul out cost $612 USD cash, and that included all labor, lift in and out...etc. I of course, provided all the paint, but they used their own equipment.
New zincs...added extra for the trip.
Check it I need to paint above the water line, sew up the Dodger (zippers rotted out), re-locate part of the Split antenna for the SSB radio...and remember how to use it. Get a new Sims card for the Iridium phone, etc.
Crew is coming together...Tom from Kodiak, and Michael from...well, he is in South America doing things. But he assured me that on April 8 he will arrive. Hope so, since I extended my moorage to the 15th and we need 4 days to clear customs.


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