Thursday, March 22, 2012


OK, so that is espanol...but fiber glass built boat owners always say things like: Wow keeping up a wooden boat is a lot of work...glad I don't have that. Although they will tell me how beautiful she is.

Today, I noticed a lot of composite (plastic :-) boats being worked on...a new 32 tug (actually 34 ft on deck) had two full time laborers working 3 days...why? Scrub and polish...and all of the windows. Never mind that I had 1 person (I helped) paint the hull in 1/2 day. The guy next to me on his big Hunter has it scrubbed and washed every week...and when he is gone, they still do it. I guess it is how wealthy you are and where you want to spend your $$$ But upkeep...not much difference...we all clean the bottom monthly and repaint it once a year or so (depends on the paint you chose).

Oh well boating is a spendy life style...the guy next to me has a crew of 2 taking over a week to sand (ouch...tons of dust inside and out of the Noe Mar) and refinish his rub rails, etc.


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