Monday, May 07, 2012

San Luis Obispo

Last two nights from the pleasant Channel Island Harbor @ Oxnard, CA heading to Port San Luis ( near San Luis Obispo) was Hell at sea.  High head winds of 20+ knots and steep seas, up to 18 high waves.  Lowered all sails. Motored @ 3,600 rpm and barely made 2.5 -3 Knots.   Used up a lot of fuel & had to pour in 10 gal in this chop while motoring.  Of course that made me sea sick again.  Also, tore up a motor belt.  So the engine shut down (fortunately earlier in lite air).  Replaced it, hack sawed off a bolt end that caused the problem

Thanks for good tools, ingenuity, spare parts and luck .

At this time my cell phone rang, my oldest daughter, Kim wanted to know if I was OK?  Told her I would call back because I was up to alligators to my A--
And I did call her back. :-)

Cheers to all. Today we are at a mooring ball and resting.

Skipper , Ken


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