Monday, May 07, 2012


I have seen many Dolphins when at sea, but never before have they played with the Noe Mar, but this time they did.  On the way to Oxnard, Channel Islands Harbor, a large Pod decided we were there Disney Land, and play they did.  In our bow wake (we were doing 5 knots , sails & motor) they frolicked and sped in and around us.  Then leaping, away they went, only to return again & again.  What a delight to watch.

These guys were a dark tan with a greyish tan undersides.  Same markings as the San Juan dolphins but totally different color.   All are sleek & fast.  Beautiful to watch. Way to soon they tired of us and left. Made one wish you could done scuba gear and play.  Oh well, we could never keep up with them.

If any of you wish to design a hull form. Copy the Dolphins shape, and hope for there speed .

Keep sailing and enjoy the world.

Cheers.  Skipper of the Noe Mar,  Ken


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