Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Leg

Here it is for now:
Took on fuel in Marina de La Paz and motored out of the mooring @ 9 AM on April 10th. Crew was Tom (mountain climber & sailor) Mike (lawyer...young and ecofarming is his experience in law)...11AM and we have wind...hoisted the sails, 7K and motorsailed then sail up. Nice rig in light air.

So it went most the day...on to Cabo, then later that night all Hades broke out...rounding the cape the wind was up to knotw and shoving way south. We tacked, but the mainsail was to much. I was seriously sea sick for the entire evening and earlier. So I was helpless. However, we had to lower the main and change head I did that. Tom said he needed a video camera of me heaving the green stuff and hanking on the working jib. Then later it was time to douse the main...way to much wind, port rail under water most the evening and Mike was sick also (not heaving, but). So Tom was left with all of the work.

So, I said...into Cabo...and we motorsailed into her this morning by 9 AM. Managed to get Spot Connect to work a couple of times. That is cool.

Decision is made by the Captain...I checked weather GRIBS and it appears we will have heavy winds against us for over 3 weeks and then and only then the last week would give us the trades. So the decision is: Coastal run up north against the winds, but close to shore...mostly it will be motoring. We will check in San Diego and head to San Francisco. Mike will fly to Hawaii and Tom and I will make a decision about the run up north after I see the GRIBs again.

Sorry to everyone...but we are wet, tired and ready to go home...crew is doing well for everyone being new.

This will not be is called a "bash" but there you have it...many harbors to duck into.

Might add that we heeled over so much the bilge water got to my laptop...hope it can be restored...or the data d pictures saved. Today I washed my clothes that were wet..took a shower and Tom fixed us good omelets and used up all our softening avocados, great meal.

For those who haven't visited is like Las Vegas on a and sales pitches tonight. Cuban cigars or stuff that will make you Really thanks is what we said...but it the pitch man are in Mexico you know.

Tomorrow we fix the Mizzen main stay (tore loose last night) and all of the webbing will come down and new lashing for the fuel cans (5 gal jerry cans...yellow)...the tore loose but Tom pulled them out of the drink, in heavy seas...yes, I did help. I am installing 1/4 inch stayset line...hope that does the trick.

One more item...we hit something 4 hours south of Cabo...hard...and today I see section of paint missing on the Port Bow...and a scrap on the Starboard bow. Everything looks good but scary.

Cheers for now...Skipper of the Noe will come later.


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