Sunday, April 29, 2012

San Diego

This last leg to San Diego was either a lot of wind on the nose or none...then we got some on the stern...hoisted the Genny and later the Mizzen, picked up about 2-3 knots in speed.  Since we were against the wind and current all the way from Cabo, it appears we only averaged around 80 miles per day (70 Nautical miles)...poor.  If only we can maintain 4-5 knots, then it would be closer to 100+ mi per day.

When we stopped at Turtle Bay the diesel vessel came up and filled all of our tanks.  Only just off San Diego and around a navy Destroyer, did we find out we had some water in the fuel.  Switched Racor filters and then the transmission started to slip...meanwhile we are getting notices to stay away from the Navy vessel.  I hoist the Main as since the Genny and Mizzen were already up...and off we went...towards LA at a speed of 8.5 knots...scared the crew..huge main and where can we go?  I dropped the main...put some oil in the transmission (it was low) and we started the ran fine, but now we were
concerned.  So, slowly motor into the Harbor Police and Customs/Immigration dock.  This started at 4:30 and we did not get into dock until 8 PM.  So, we had to pay for Customs/Immigration to check us out.  Immigration seemed to home in on Mike (hair or his lack of answers...why was he there?).  Meanwhile, Customs seized our Eggs and Potatoes (great potatoes...and about 4 doz eggs).  Crushed them in a dock refuse container.

Oh well, we got a slip ($35/day)...headed out to find Downwind Marine to replace the VHF antenna for the SSB radio I have (iCom digital) and a tri color light, plus odds and ends.  Took two days to get the tri color...around $300 with the mount and it is an LED Tri/Anchor light by LunaSea.  Great little an stainless mounting bracket.  I did mention that our wip antenna and the tri color lense was torn off at sea?....I told you we had some great winds :-)

The next day, I spent 4 hours up the mast getting every thing hooked up and operational.  It works great.  The LED is automatic and very bright.  It has an anchor light and a strobe light...but that is 2 more wires, so I taped it off.

Getting a new part made for the Mizzen goose neck...need to use it and it is a mess.

Mike flew out to Denver, so it is Tom and my self.  Justin (my Step Son who lives here) has taken me shopping for groceries, laundry and the post office.  I am grateful for his help.  Had a great dinner @ Phillipi's in Little Italy here in SD.

The Volvo mechanic suggested a new elbow for the exhaust system, and a new raw water pump (leaking) for the engine.  All else is OK (including the transmission).  The parts will be here Tuesday, so we should be headed north on WED morning.

I re-stuffed the stuffing box (I am learning) and it no longer leaks...hate all of the water in the already has salted my lap top with bildge water...hope I can rinse it off and fire it up when I get home.

I just Calculated our eta for Port Hadlock...about 20 days from Wed, so hopefully we will arrive there before or by the 23rd of May.  Hope to stop 3-4 times on the way for rest.  Perhaps meet my wife in New Port, OR (weather permitting).
 Time to Go...check with all later...Skipper of the Noe Mar....Ken


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