Friday, May 04, 2012

Can't get SSB to work

Another day on the Noe Mar, or should I say a week? 

Click the link below to see where I am located.

We got the engine repaired (leaky raw water pump & exhaust manifold) and said goodby to Justin (my step son) and thanked him for all of his help.  Said goodby to dock friends, a couple of gals in their 70's  who sailed the Ensenada race in a very small boat, missed the Campbell soup gals in their big Catalina 34, a guy trying to single hand it to the Philippines.  The single hander did not seem to be psyched for it.  Hope he is OK and makes it or finds a way out.  Oh yes, not to forget the couple and their great dog from the power boat.

Called Tom's Sis in Florida. She & Tom talked. Said she reads my blogs.  Hope so.

Motor sailing off Catalina Island headed to Oxnard for showers & R&R , then up the Coast to San Luis Obisbo or Half Moon Bay.  Then on to Oregon.  Doing 4-5 knots, sails & motor..,wind is light & in our teeth.  It is 3:15 AM  ... Tom is up listening to his new MP3 player.  Radar is on , running lights are great (new LED) engine is purring... Weather is mild.  But never fear Oregon will cool us down.

Tom cooked up lentils, Turkey Spam, green peppers, onions, cheese , etc
He finally is friends with the kerosene stove.  Scary at first ;-)

Cheers, have a great day

Skipper,  Ken


Blogger sscofic said...

Hi Ken & Great Uncle Tom, Yes I am keeping up on your blogs and your SPOT locator is working great! I will show Mom the picture of you and Aunt Marie on the blog site. She will love that and Mom was very happy to hear you had dinner with Aunt Marie. Have a safe journey!

8:31 AM  

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