Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today is Monday and the sea is as smooth as glass.  We are motoring @ 4.6 knots and the wind is only 2 knots (up from 1) and that is apparent.  So, it looks like it is behind us.  I do know it will be behind us when we land in San Diego tomorrow. Hopefully that will be in day light...so it might be on the 25 vs the 24th of April.

Just cooked up some apple sauce (save the apples).

Tom fixed spaghetti and steamed veggies last night.  That and our marinated Bonito fish.  Good meal.  He put in a dried Mexican pepper (red) but it was not hot and we were not sure it added to the spaghetti sauce he added.  Good meal...took some pictures, but since my lap top is toast until I can get home, I am not sure I will be able to post the pic.  Hmmm...maybe Candy can if I send it to her by my iPhone...you know the top restaurant on the sea...Tom's dinner @ Noe Mar in the Pacific.  :-)

Position:  30 deg 9.8615 min N  116 deg 7.4222 min W...heading 337 T  speed 4.3-4.7 knots.

Yesterday afternoon I hoisted the Genoa and we motorsailed @ 6 knots for 3-4 hours.  When I lowered it (due to lack of wind) the little Morning Dove on the rail, said, forget it and flew off.  He had rested for 4 hours, so hopefully he made it back to land. He knew where he needed to go.

Last night radar and the watch spotted a couple of lights...woke me @ 3 AM (this is good).  Turned out 1 was a light house, and one kept ahead of us and later on my watch disappeared.  Then I saw 3 light houses (this is good, most of them are not working). Well, we are close to Ensenada, so that could be the reason...more traffic.

Talk to all of  you tomorrow and hopefully when we clear Customs I can send Candy (my great friend/wife/CEO) pictures so she can upload it.  This is how it works for the blog.

Cheers......Captain of the s/v Noe Mar


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