Friday, April 20, 2012

Finally Fish!

Today is our lucky day (10th day out) @ 27 12.342' N and 114  30.947' W Tom caught another Bonito (type of tuna)...which he promptly stuck a screw driver through it's eye (why waste Tequila?), gutted, bled it and filleted it.  It is now in the fridge soaking in lime juice (little juicer came in handy) with chopped tomatoes and onions.  Hmmm  Cevieche? For dinner tonight or tomorrow.

Today, Tom came up with rice/can of campbells soup and sliced carrots with some onions.  I cooked it for lunch (see, I can light the stove :-)  Tom is always being innovative about dinner and lunch.  All of it tastes good.  Mike is great about washing dishes and watches...good crew...but he has a book of Candy's that he finally is engrossed.

Our sailing has be rough...slamming...calm motoring...all the time.  Some times we get some really nice sailing in.  We have had some sailing @ 4-5 knots and one day with the Mizzen stays'l up we got a full 6 knots of speed downwind.  This is what I was hoping for to Hilo...but the Weather God changed his would have been a 25 K crash bash for 2,000 mi and then nice sailing in the Trades.  Oh well...we are going home anyway.  We try to douse the Main at night because a lot of wind can arise quickly and then boom...nothing.

Yesterday we ran out of fuel...and no I drained most (but not 100%)of our cabin heater fuel tank (the beer barrel) and managed to fill 90% of one tank. Saved our bacon...then I heard the engine rattle a lot...pulled the cover and found the new alternator had a bolt loose.  Stopped and fixed it...well Tom managed to get the bolt in.  It is operational...but this took most of our no Turtle Bay yet.  Late tonight we should motor into it and get fuel and a rest.

The heavy weather has ripped off our tri light at night the decks are lit up like a bright moon.  Next a heavy sea tore the wire loose from the deck light...Oh well, don't use that anyway.

So far all is well, except I cannot get the Iridium phone to send emails...but I can get gribs and talk to Candy every night

Seems we are now 7 hrs away from Turtle Bay and fuel...oops...seems we will be breathing fumes or sculling into harbor...wish us luck :-)

Cheers...Captain of the s/v Noe Mar


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