Monday, April 16, 2012

Heading North and Eating Well

Here we are in Mag Bay on the Pacific coast of the Baja. The crew is in good shape...and the Skipper is recovering slowly for Mal de Mar...wrist band and a scop patch seem to help. Seems my stay in the hospital a few years ago (pancreatitis) changed my gut forever. Oh well, the crew, Tom and Mike are great.

Tom is quit a cook...tonight he is making a cheeze, onion, problemo peppers...and it should be great. Will take a while to be ready to eat. So far it is looking like a thick crust pizza...he said it looks like a flat loaf of bread :-) I doubt that.

The last few nights Tom has chosen to cook up great concoctions...all his...last night was mac/cheese/tuna/potatoes/with a base of milk...cooked well and was good for 2+ meals. Great taste. Before that he made an omelet that was mainly potatoes, onions, carrots, problema pepper, tomatoes...and a bunch of eggs...another great that lasted a few days...don't forget the salsa.

Several things I need to do with the boat...1) mfg some rigid backing for the 6x5 gal jerry cans of diesel...we almost lost them in a storm. 2) make sure all items that can be destroyed by salt water are high and dry(I may have lost my personal computer). 3) Make sure the through hull for the sink is closed before sailing in high back flowed and made a mess. 4) Get the mizzen re does NOT fit, I don't care what Sean says. Other than those items, she is a sturdy boat.

We are motoring up wind and against a 2 knot current, so it will take us a while to get to San Diego, San Francisco, or Port Townsend, WA.

I finally got Spot Connect to work...I think the problem was me...not sure though...what I do is turn it on, go to my iPhone and reconnect blue tooth to, wait...say 60 sec and then open Spot and then follow the is working. You can see it on my facebook page.

Cheers...Skipper of the Noe Mar will check in later during this week


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