Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Flat Water and Rest

Here we are...motoring/some sailing/ to the Pacific NW. In the morning we will be @ Bahia San Juanito on the Pacific side of the Baja. Last night we anchored in the Bay of Magdalena...enjoyed the rest.

I wish to apologize to all of the prospective crew that I had to sail to Hawaii...problems were two fold: 1) The Skipper (me) got seriously sea sick for several days (OK now)... this is the worst that has ever happened (it may be due to my illness a few years ago) anyway, it happened...#2) I have checked the weather patterns for 4 years...and all was great in April, but not this April, 2012...the trades never kicked in until over 3/4 the way there...it would have been a hard sail.

Anyway, it is done, we are headed to the NW, motoring most the way...due to wind on the nose. Hopefully, after Turtle Bay we will go off shore and tack to San Diego.

Meanwhile, we are using twice the water we used coming down here when Heather and Corey were crew. OH well, the RO water maker is functioning well and we are generating 50 gal of water as I type. The system I have puts out 25 gal per hour and is working nicely.

Cheers to all that read this...sorry the Skipper is a Dude...but best to do what is safe and correct.
Skipper of the s/v Noe Mar...Ken


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