Saturday, April 07, 2012

Checking out

To check out of Mexico, the dept of Health has to inspect the boat. Now, never mind that the Noe Mar is licensed in Mexico up until 2016 and if it were a health hazard one would think they would've checked that a long time ago. I always find it spite of the fact that the boat must be registered (10 years) the Mexican Navy, nor the Health dept, never want copies of it's registration...but they do want copies of it's annual US Coast Guard documentation papers, which is free and current.

The cost is about $300 US...or 3,300 pesos...of which most goes to the Dept of Health for their inspection. I used the firm in the Marina go do all of the paper work. I could've probably saved 10% (but not much more) for all of this...but it is a lot of leg work and when I checked in, I still missed one...had to pick it up later in San Carlos. So, this is better and quicker.

We fuel up Monday night, uncover all of the sail covers, make sure the Jack lines are in place, aires rudder is installed (wind vane for a back up) and motor out of La Paz Tues AM (7-8) and once clear of the buoys, hoist all sails. Pray for wind.

Then off to the Cape of Cabo and off shore we go. The aqua generator is ready to go and hopefully between it and our small solar panels we will be set for electricity and refrigeration...etc. Hope we have more than enough food.


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