Thursday, March 02, 2006

Whales, Whales everywhere

We entered Mag Bay on March 1, 2006 @ 12:30 PM. We motor-sailed in and out. Going in we had a current against us and with sails and engine...only 3 knots. Coming out we did the same...sometimes 6.5 knots and some of it was only 3.2 knots. Since it is over 9 knots into the bay...well we didn't get back on our path until........

We saw 10-15 maybe more grey whales...and some passed under our hull (this made the depth sounder go crazy). One even "Breached"...head way up in the air...most of the body out of the sea. Then back down with flukes showing. We even saw a baby whale's flukes were so small someone thought it was a dolphin...wrong tail.

Lots of local fishermen in their very white and shinny wooden fishing boats. Netting their catch. Very colorful. Of course where the fisherman's catch was being loaded...hundreds of Pelican's were waiting and perhaps a thousand gulls waiting for their misses. Quite a picture.

The land of the bay is New Mexico or Arizona...but around a long spit in the low sandy region are mangroves...yes, a swamp in the middle of a dry arid country. Very interesting if one had a kayak and lots of time.

I guess I should say: Water, Water every where and not a drop to drink. Seems we ran out of water this evening (March 2) around 9 PM...I shut the valves from the engine to the hot water tank, turned off the water pump and checked the bilge for bottled water...yes, we have enough. We will be washing dishes with salt water and a slight rinse...or like Ocean Planet...we will wipe our own dishes & keep them separate. We do have sanitary hand cleaner and we will do fine. Now, comes the real question, can we make the water maker work tomorrow? Wish us luck. I have a theory...not enough water was coming into the system before. That and when we slowed the engine down, we couldn't build up enough membrane pressure. If this fails...then the system fails. Wish us luck. Might mention, for you land lubber...the Head uses salt water:)

This is the morning of March 2, 2006...our position is 23 deg 32 min N and 110 deg 55 min W. The time is 10 AM PST....normally I post the blog the following morning @ 9 AM...I am late due to a failed attempt to get the water maker going. Seems the water supply pump is not working at all...12 Volts to it from the main panel...but no dice. When I came down the Oregon coast with my nephew Steve, we hit some hard waves...and it came loose when I inspected it in San perhaps a wire is loose that I cannot see. Need to take it out and bench test it.

Oh well...some day we may have a water maker...funny the same brand of pump is for my main water supply...and it has always worked and still does (when there is water :)

Hasta luego mi amigos.......Skipper of the s/v Noe Mar..........Ken Scott


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