Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sailing in the Santa Barbara Channel!

Guess we are 34 deg 27.27 min N and 120 deg 53 min W...heading into the Santa Barbara Channel...with all sails up...and no motor. We are sailing @ 5.5-5.7 knots (as good as the Iron Genny does).

Great fun this afternoon...we got a light air and Clayton said...can we set the Tops'l...of course and so we did. Not the Mizzen Stays'l (Mule) and we picked up another knot. Not to be one to wonder what to do next...Clayton asked for the Ballon jib...OK...that went up. Hmmm...didn't you say you had a Spinniker? Of course...and stains & soon replaced the Ballon jib...and it worked great.

With the engine off..we calculated we had enough fuel to barely make San rather than risk it we are planning on fueling up @ Ventura tomorrow afternoon. If we keep on sailing @ over 5 knots we may not even stop. However, between the Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz Islands we could loose wind...then on with the Iron Genny.

Aron is great, smart and level headed...Clayton is smart and willing to try everything (and is well trained to do so)...good crew. We eat the same things (except Clayton is 100% Vegetarian)...they made a great salad last night...and they let me sleep...but awaken me when required. What a crew. Glad they are aboard...they are making this trip faster than I would have by my self.

That reminds me...we do need a proper and larger Spinniker..hmmm...another BOAT $ ????

Jerry & Joni have been helping me with ideas about San Diego (yes, they answer my SSB e-mail) and are enjoying their life on the s/v Lotus (which they built in their back yard in Salem, OR). They love the small towns of Mexico and are sorry that I am Zinging down the coast of CA.

Did I mention the warmish sunny weather? If not...we have it (around 50 F). Still cool at nights but getting better.

Clayton got the Aries working well...but the wind is back on with the autopilot (Raymarine) and it is working GREAT!!! I know I gave a guy a bad time about wind vanes vs auto pilots in Port Hadlock the day I left...I owe him an apology.

Miss everyone...but, I am looking forward to the next leg of this journey...look out Mexico...we are comming.

This is all for now...I will report tomorrow...oops...the Iridium phone is great for calling Candy...but I need to use it more for letting in my GRIB files...and the SSB is very good if I tinker with the stations...which I do.

Have a great day...and we will talk to you later..........Skipper Ken of the s/v Noe Mar


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