Monday, February 20, 2006

The Noe Mar is sailing again!

We got off to a late start on Sat. Feb. 18th...and promptly got out of our channel and spent an hour or 2 getting out of the mudd. The channel to Loch Lomand Marina in San Rafael is very shallow and very narrow. Well, the tide came in (after a power boat tried to help luck) and we motored out of this mess.

As we approached the Golden Gate Bridge, all the sail boats from all of the marina's in the SF area came out to see us sail out under the Bridge, the motor running...since the tide was coming in at about 2 knots. How did all these Yachtsmen/women know we were going to leave?? :)

Today is Sunday the 19th and we have motorsailed...sailed a little and motor'd a lot.

Interesting, on the flight to Oakland I set next to a gentleman, John Hanna, that was Aron's dentist, has sailed on the Ocean Planet with Bruce Schwab, and was going to a safety seminar so he and his crew could race his boat in the Hawaii race coming up. Small world. John says Hi to you Bruce.

I forgot my great crew...Aron Boswith and Clayton Zimmerman. Both very experienced, Clayton is young (18.5) but is gung HO and knowledgeable. Aron, of course has sailed the Med. as the Skipper of a private yacht...and an Coast Guard Able bodied seaman...etc. Great guys...and we all eat the same type of food. OK, so I don't eat much the first few days comes up to easily.

We are currently @ 36 deg 20.9 min N latitude & 122 deg 14.76 min. W longitude. Hopefully, I will get this off by SSB (always iffy).

Wind is currently 11 mph apparent...and on our nose...we are motoring @ 5.5 knots. The day is beautiful...but overcast...and seas are calm. it got up to 25 mph and gnarly seas last night...but I kept dry (froze my toes & fingers :)...and got to sleep a lot.

I am looking forward to San Diego and the final leg of this journey. Well, final, except for all the sailing adventures in Mexico...wish us luck and a pleasant journey.

OH yes, wish Clayton would quit reading about Shackelton...makes me nervous.

One more thing...Aron says that all the sail boats he has been on had a, see how out of date I am? Of course he has never seen MaxSea and C-Map now, who is out of date?

Must go...miss all of my friends...but I will be back...and perhaps we can all set up some sailing next fall in Mexico and the Sea of Cortez???

Skipper of the s/v Noe Mar and Crew...signing off........................Ken


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