Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bahia Magdalena

As I said yesterday...Wind is a fickle woman...last night, under Main & Mizzen it got up 14 knots and with the Iron Genny...we clipped along @ 6.8 knots. It was rough and bumpy..but OK by me.
I took a long watch (8 PM - 4:30 AM) because Heather was on watch a long while and crashed at 9:30 PM and Corey still is a little "under the weather". Not sure we can do anything...he isn't barffing but he is very quite and pale. In my case, when this happens, I can sleep it off. I read in Latitude 38 that 3-5 gms of Vitamin C will cure this...but seems I don't have any Vitamin C...need to get a contact with a Vitamin Company for better pricing...etc :)

We are currently just north of the entrance of "Bahia Magdalena" @ 24 deg 34.17 min N and 112 deg
11.23 min W and the entrance of "Mag Bay" (as sailors call it) is 24 deg 31'N and 112 deg 03'W.

We have the Tops'l raised but since the wind is variable and on our stern most the time (wait it is coming up on our beam...time to raise the Balloon Jib?)we don't have a head sail raised.

We plan on going in and out of Mag Bay for a photo shoot and going right back out. This is due to the fact that I don't wish to clear customs here...I am shooting for Cabo San Lucas which is 156 nautical miles away and should take us around 32 hours to make it (currently it is 9:30 AM March 1, 2006). This would put us in Cabo around 5:30 PM of the 2nd...but if the winds are light we may be later or very early the 3rd of the customs open on Sat.??? Let's hope we arrive by Friday early AM and have a day to do this.

I am off to set the Genoa (first try), must sign to all of you tomorrow...and yes, the weather is very sunny and 64 F outside at this time.

Hasta luego mi amigos.............Skipper of the s/v Noe Mar.....Ken


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