Sunday, February 26, 2006

Senora Tediana and Senor Ted

The wind is still light...however in 4 knots apparent wind we are sailing @ 4.5 knots over the earth...and when we have 5 knots or better we can sail @ 5.3 knots. Must have a current...but the Mizzen Mule works great and the Tops'l is up and pulling also.

We figure on stopping @ Turtle Bay for fuel due to the huge amount of engine time. Speaking of which...clogged another filter...glad I had a spare and very glad I have dual Racor filters.
We should arrive @ Turtle Bay around 5 AM tomorrow morning.

Our current position is: 29 deg 06.77 min N and 115 deg. 32.71 min W. At 9 AM this morning we were out from Bahia Blanca...across the Baja peninsula from the Isla Angel de la Guarda (in the Sea of Cortez)

Corey is feeling better...I gave him my wrist band that is an electrical device to stimulate pressure points to prevent mal de mar.......seems to work...or is he just adjusting? Who cares he is drinking a Belgium Raspberry beer after 2 bowls of granola...great.

OK, who are the Senora & Senor I mentioned???

Senora Tediana (bears are Russian..right) and Senor Ted (However, we are in Mexico) belong to a Welsh Lass and an Ancient Scotsman (both USA blends) and they decided to take up residency on the Noe Mar. These two Teddy Bears have no eyes but are great with ESP...and take long hibernations when I am not aboard. They do indeed enjoy their life aboard (or so they ESP). The Senora is very pretty...all purple and velvety...the Senor is typical male...rather plain but a nice brown hue. They keep each other company and the Skipper also. They thanked me a lot for not going to an adoption home (which the Welsh Lass was going to do...can you believe that?)and said they love the Noe Mar and the Quarter Berth. They just sit and snuggle all day and all night...very nice...and send me good vibes.

Heather is still fixing good meals and the Taylor Stove is working well...the Fridge is cold (thus the Cervaza/Beer) and the water is HOT!!! Life is good...miss Candy and all of my friends (better e-mail a bunch of them and see if I get a reply :) Pat Pope (my youngest husband...aka son-in-law) is posting these I thank him.

From the Crew plus Tediana & the Skipper of the Noe Mar....

Hasta luego mi amigos......................Ken


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