Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wind a fickle Woman

Wind, where art thou? Last night we had 12-15 knots and with the Tops'l up, well, she really zinged. We were running without a Jib so I turned on the deck light and clipped in and went up front. Choose to use the "working jib" so that meant un-shackling the Genoa and re-shackling on the working jib and, of course, lashing the other to the bow sprit...after one was un-lashed. In spite of me feeling cool earlier...I was sweating when I was done. Heather woke up and came up to check all out (thanks Heather). She stayed up for a while...then went back to bed.

I figured since she was up for a while, I would keep watch for an additional hour...but she got up and took over @ 3:30 I crashed.

Did I mention that last night she made a great tossed green salad, sliced apples, sliced pears,cheese & a glass of wine (OK...I had two). We do eat good on the Noe Mar.

This morning the wind dropped again...up with the "Mule" and then we put the "Balloon Jib" up for fun. We got it to work better than a Genoa would, in this light air. Now, however, down came the "Mule"...not enough wind.

Baths...Corey took a real shower yesterday...and a upper body wash on deck this I sponge bath now and then...perhaps that is why Heather opens all the hatches :)

Motor is on again...but I charge the Frig (holding plate) and take radar off stand-by (no need for it here...but may as well use it).

This is February 28, 2006 and our position is 26 deg 7 min N and 113 deg 39 min W...due to light and variable winds we have had to set course a few degrees out of our in a few hours we will jibe back to correct that. Currently, with the motor running...we are only doing 5 knots or so. We could stay on course and lower all sails...but then we would end up putting them all up again. So much for Gaffer's and no roller furling...but I don't mind. Beats what happened to "Bellingham"...and he had roller furling and a marconi sloop rig.

Time to get some is 68 F currently @ 10 AM. we come............Hasta luego mi amigos............Skipper of the Noe Mar, Ken


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