Saturday, February 25, 2006

San Diego..WOW!

This last leg of the trip from San Rafael to San Diego was a little of everything.
We had heavy winds...ran one night with "Jib & Jigger"...motored the last night and so goes the West coast weather. The Autopilot kept us on coarse and helped us make record time.

We arrived in San Diego amid jet planes, and the Navy testing huge engines (due to the loud roar that was on going as we entered the harbor). US Coast guard was flying their choppers as was the US Navy...what a busy place. The city was shrouded with smog...but up close it was sunny and pleasant.

We pulled into the Public Docks at the San Diego Police dock/Immigrations at 11:30 on Wed. Feb 22. Not bad after sailing out of San Rafael on the 19th.

As soon as we tied up to the "pump out" station and I went to get a crew packed and got ready to go. In fact, Clayton called Alaska and got a flight to Seattle that afternoon and I booked Aron to fly out this Sat. I gave them $20 for a Taxi and they both posed for a picture and off they went...before 1 PM.

I got a berth assignment ($10.50) and moved the Noe Mar with help from a couple of guys that were near by. One was buying a boat docked there...and he said he was going to take her to SF and then to the Philipines...this for a man who had never sailed and who looked older than the Noe Mar's skipper...good luck, I said.

Walked to DownWind a couple of stainless bolts (one was a 1/2" eyebolt made in France...spendy) to repair the mizzen boom and the autopilot. As it turns out I was able to get a stainless 1/2" nut screwed down low enough to repair the autopilot's pivot. Amazing how much torque the autopilot exerts. Went over to West Marine...but no 5 gal diesel cans and no flexible solar panels...OH well. Stopped by a shop and had a printer make a "port of Origin" sign for the stern of the Noe Mar.

Next...called the Marriott Marina and booked a spendy slip for one night. Was able to get on line for a few minutes and notified Corey where I would be and to take the Marriott shuttle.

Motored to down town San Diego, on Feb 23nd, and found the Marina...tight and the wind shoved me the wrong way...but I made it. Moored and signed in.

WOW!! I found Heather and Corey trying to find the Noe Mar...I and the Noe Mar have a new crew.

Hasta luego...and Mexico here we come...............Skipper Ken


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