Monday, February 27, 2006

Turtle Bay

We arrived at Turtle Bay (Bahia San Bartolome') on the Pacific side of the Baja California Sur, at sunrise...what a beautiful picture. However, the town is a poor mining town or? and not so pretty. The landscape is mainly a desert with lots of gullies and ravines...interesting.

We set anchor and the boat next to us hailed us...from Bellingham, WA.

The local fuel dock guy, zoomed out in his "panga" (boat) and said he would be back as soon as he refuled the boat next to us. So, we had breakfast (tofu scrambled with mushrooms, green peppers, etc...and hot sauce...tasty).

Heather downloaded another GRIB file...and found how to make little ballons with the knots of wind speed in them. We will have wind but light for the next day or so...then we should get around 11 knots (currently we have 4 knots).

We left the bay after the "Bellingham" guy asked Heather to be a crew member and gave her his e-mail address. Right...with Corey standing there...and he had a leaky boat, torn head sail, no radar...and she said he was a creep. So much for being nice and giving him weather data.

Heather has problems with the GRIB files wanting to download onto Map Media...vs C-map NT (map media is a Raster file and we don't use it...but it seems to always be in the back ground on this V 11.0 of Max Sea). Oh well, we can get it to appear on C-map...never sure what this software does that way. She digs into I just want to use it. She is good with computers.

We are currently doing 5 knots in 4 knots of wind with gentle seas. 27 deg 17.5 min N and
114 deg 46.7 W.

How do we achieve this great speed over the wind??? Well, Heather and Corey (a racing team if I ever saw one) asked for more sails...I brought out the old and stained Spinnaker...we rigged it, used my spinnaker pole...made a downhaul...and it works. Not to mention the Mizzen Stays'l (aka Mule) and the Tops'l...all flying and all working. Need to save fuel (we took on 120 liters or 30 gallons at a cost of $80).

I am thinking of taking a look at "Mag Bay" and proceeding to our Port of Entry...Cabo...perhaps spending an evening in town and off to La Plaz. Perhaps, due to light wind...I'll leave the Noe Mar there and we all can fly home. The trip is great and varied but Candy was unable to fly to San Diego for the day...and it is time to go home.

At our current speed we should arrive in Cabo San Lucas or Cabo Falso in 3 days. Since today is the 27th of February of 2006...that would put us there around March 2nd...depends on the wind.

To go La Plaz is another day or so. After that it would be 2 days to San Carlos or so. Never very accurate when one depends on wind and currents.

Heather asked me why the "Teddy's" became Russian...well, my Russian military hat (very warm) was sitting next to them, I couldn't name a Purple bear for California's Golden Bear (besides, I'm an Oregonian)...and since the "Russian Bear" is tough and ferocious...and these guys are small and just popped into my head. I should give the name Senor Teddyovich to the male there we have names for now....Senora Teddiana (or Teddyana) and Senor Teddyovich.......wait until you meet them...very soft, very cuddley, and good company (probably due to their former owner).

Corey is doing My rib is killing me...but a few Ibuprofen...and it is OK. Hard to sleep...and I must walk and sit right. Oh well, such is life and it will heal just fine.

I never am able to justify my ballon is the same size as my Genoa (but lighter and slightly more belly)and it never seems to do the trick...perhaps I don't know how to set it. Wish my Spinnaker was about 8-10 ft flys well but is small. Nice shape...horrible color (called...stain).

Time to go for another day.......miss all of you and see most of you soon.

Skipper of the s/v Noe Mar............................ Ken


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