Wednesday, February 22, 2006

No Wind & Wind!!!

Today is Tues, Feb 21, 2006 our position is 33 deg 52 min N and 118 deg 56 min English this is in the Santa Monica Bay of California...soon to be in the San Pedro Channel off Los Angeles.

Yesterday afternoon...light winds so up went all the sails...including the Mizzen Mule/Spinniker...etc. Of course we took them down in the evening...and then quickly reefed the main...followed by lowering the Mizzen and the Jib...heading up and lowering the Main. The winds were heavy (25-35 knots?) and the waves got dusk and then dark before the Main was untangled. However, the crew did it while I took the helm (safest place...I'm old but not dumb).

We motored the rest of the night, came into Ventura and refuled, then called Candy and Heidi (message on my phone).

Our top speed was maintained at 8.6 knots and we motor @ 5-5.5 knots. Currently we are under Main and Mizzen, only, and sailing from 5.4-6.2 knots. Wind is on our stern. Nice sunny day.

The dolphins finally found us...or we them...a huge pod has been playing with us for the last 30-60 minutes. Clayton and Aron took lots of digital pictures...great fun.

I have reserved a one night (or did she insist on 2 nights?) moorage at the Marriott Marina in San Diego on the 23rd. We should arrive on the 22nd and I am counting on the San Diego Police moorage for one night.

Need to put a locking nut on the Tiller autopilot...but the new system is fantastic. Batteries are holding up well...but we do motor a lot...more than I wish. We took on 35 gallons of fuel, and at today's prices...spendy.

I was tossed about last night as I picked up a pen to put in it's velcro side still hurts. I did the unspeakable...but only for 5 min...I fell asleep @ 1:45 AM at the end of my watch. Aron says it was 1 AM but I had just checked the Ok, I give up, tonight I will set all of my is pretty at night but that is a long 4 hours from 10 PM to 2 AM and very boring.

Food is holding up well...we can never eat all of this...water tanks are good...and it is a great day! Oh yes, warm & sunny.

I think on the next leg, I will disable the Aires (no, she is not going in the trash...just that the autopilot is so great going downwind and making good time). We seem to be doing around 100 miles per day, and I have put a highlighted X on our chart I printed out as we progress. I need to print out a chart for the next trip.

Time to close this rambling Blog and see if I can e-mail a friend or 2 before resting for a while.

Hasta luego mi amigos.....................Skipper Ken/s/v Noe Mar


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