Saturday, February 25, 2006


What a day,Feb 24th, rides to the Mexican Consulate (surprise...we do NOT have to have a Visa for the boat...or fishing license...or Insurance...but it is a good idea to get it when we get there...just need our own visa's and they ushered us by a ton of Mexican's in line for hours and hours...what a Country), Whole Foods, the Noe Mar is now listing to the Starboard due to food that Heather got and beer that I tossed in the carts. Oh, talking of Taxi rides...I forgot...yesterday I took a Taxi ride back to DownWind a curtesy flag for Mexico, a super filter for contaminated water...set up to filter solid particles out of the marina water...and 99% of all bacteria. Two filters and all set up for the 2 drinking water hoses on board the Noe Mar. Who needs a water maker? Of course one needs to add 1 tablespoon full of bleach with every 10 gallons of water.

Heather took inventory of the food...she and Corey swabed the decks...and the interior...we arranged the bedding...unplugged the shore power...changed oil...we are ready to go. Oh yes, it is very difficult to get rid of used oil in SD.

We backed out with a strong caught crosswise and nicked a big power boat...the owner looked under it and said it cracked his swim platform (it was in neutral and I had just put it in forward...oops..hopefully the liability insurance will cover it). The airies is fine...didn't even bend it...not sure about the power boat B&B...time will tell.

On to the America's Cup harbor and fuel (yes, DownWind Marine had 5 gal diesel tanks).

Set the Main/Mizzen and working jib. The harbor was windy and it was late in the we reefed the Main. Set a course for Cabo Falso and lost our wind...Oh well, fired up the Iron Genny...Corey took first watch and we took off.

I awoke @ 11 PM, took over until 3 wind...and I missed the Islas Coronados...Oh well, such is life. We are now off Punta la cesta del gato @ 31 deg 21.4 min N and 116 deg 40.4 min W.

Well, I better get this is my watch soon and Corey is a little quezzy...

Hasta Luego mi amigos...Yes, we are in Mexico..........Skipper of the s/v Noe Mar...Ken


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