Friday, March 03, 2006

Whales & Cabo

It is currently 7:30 AM March 3, 2006...our position is 22 deg 55.4 min N, 109 deg 44.38 W. This is off the coast of Bueno Vista where Candy took her children & yours truly for a Christmas vacation several years ago.

Yesterday after Mag Bay...and light or non-existent winds...we spotted two whales together. Apparently mating, because one watched while on stood on his head...raised his flukes and slapped the water with them...this he did repeatedly. Typical male of the species showing off for the female...and she liked it. We cut the engine and drifted for a half hour watching them and taking pictures. WOW! is all I can say...and I'm glad they were ahead and to our starboard...not under us (Ouch).

On this same journey south we had dolphins playing with our bow...but perhaps we were to slow...who knows...but they left almost as soon as they came. What a joy to see this.

At sunset, I watched for a "green flash" but Tequila on no green flash. However, a few evenings ago I did see the last sliver of the sun turn to a bright green color (does this count?) but I am sure that was a retina after image...vs the atmosphere causing this. There are many articles on this subject, written by believers, in Latitude 38 this last month...including one account that is...well...X-rated for this blog. I still think it is retina after image or to much Tequila and sun.

Heather continues to varnish the hand rails and Corey is setting sails at every move (what a crew).

We arrived in Cabo last night around 11 one around...and no answer to our hale on the VHF. So we moored at a fuel dock (we needed fuel)and found water in a tap. We got out the hoses and my "jim dandy" crud and bacteria filter system and filled both tanks (it is nice to have water) and put in 2 tblsp of bleach in each tank as we filled them. The bleach will disappear in a few days. Thus, we have clean, safe water. Great!.

We crashed around midnight and @ 3:30 AM the security guard rapped on the cabin sides and woke me up. My espanol is poor to non-existent and Heather's is good but mixed with French. The guard spoke no English...but he informed me we had to move and the dock would open @ 6 AM (I understood the number and he used his fingers to assure me of the time).

OK, we cast off...slowly looking at the next marina (only two there)...and the next marina had 3-4 English. We found this fuel dock and convinced their leader to let us crash for 2 hours. Heather just looked at them and said...we are staying...and she meant it. Anyway...@ 4:45 AM...the big fishing boats with their clients came and the dock hands rapped on the hull. OK, OK...we filled with diesel (need to check this but I am sure their prices were higher than Turtle Bay) and off we motored with a ton of fishing boats of all sizes, crossing our bow...running to and fro...egads...and the sun coming up in our eyes. I must add a Carnival Cruise ship coming in pointed right at us...or we pointed right at them...directly out of the sun. Of course we passed starboard to starboard. Those things are huge.

I set the way-points for our course around the end of the Baja and up to La wind and the new GRIB file says we won't have over 2 knots of wind...thanks for a good engine and a full compliment of fuel.

The temperature @ 8 AM is 71 F outside and 79 F in the boat...wind is on our about 3 knots true...not worth trying to sail...but the sails are up and they do help us gain a half a knot or so. I might add the Jib is lowered.

Corey fixed a great breakfast for all of us...pancakes, real maple syrup, goat yogurt (Brian @ Highland would love it), fresh fruit cut V-8 juice (it is now all gone)...and a great morning.

Hasta luego mi amigos.................Skipper of the s/v Noe Mar....Ken Scott we have not been able to clear customs and emigration could we? However, the fuel dock took the boats name....hmmmm.


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