Monday, March 06, 2006

Home Tomorrow

We left the Cabo fuel docks, after being awaken @ 3:30 AM and at the other dock we convinced them to let us stay until it opened @ 6:00 AM. Or was it Heather, when she leaned against the cabin side with her toes on the toe rail...looked at the Guards and said:"We are not moving" and meant it. Anyway...we had filled our water tanks with our new bacteria filter...and though they opened the fuel dock @ 5 AM and filled our tanks...we shoved off into the sunrise.

The sail around the Cape and up to La Paz, was wind...a bit of wind once in a while, which picked up our speed by a knot or two.

I plotted a course around the two islands before La Paz...but when I took over @ 10 PM that night...I realized I could go between the islands...and that is what we did. This allowed us to arrive in the Marina de La Paz, around 11 AM. Whoopee...we got a temporary berth, two keys and got a shower. We now smell a lot better.

This was Sat. March 4, 2006 and our position is 24 deg 9.34 min N and 110 deg 19.5658 min W.

We walked over to La Marina del Palmar and asked the staff if I could rent a slip for 3 weeks. He said yes, but come back Monday. Which we did...and, of course, paid the fee for a months rental, plus $50 for a diver to clean the bottom of Noe Mar on the 22nd of March.

We all had fun on Sunday. Corey sailed the Tinker, Heather finished varnishing the hand rails, and then we decided to go swimming across the bay on a low level Mangrove Island.

We unloaded Noe Mar's hard dingy (called Squirrelly by Doc Malcolm)and attached the little 3.3 HP outboard motor to it. We got it running, after we turned the fuel on and opened the vent (easy when these things happen) and motored through a lot of wind (where was this wind when we wanted & needed it?) and waves. Well, Ol' Squirrelly is a pram...and only 7' over the front came warm salt water. We made it to the island and went swimming, after we emptied the dingy.

The water was very warm...and the mangroves are certainly a funny looking bush.

We motored back and kept scooping water out...and surveyed the Hurricane damage to any sail boats. Some sunk, some listing, some scratched and scuffed a lot. I believe the Hurricane was in 2003.

We went to a good restaurant for lunch...bought tickets home on line (after Heather had 5-6 websites open, looking for the fastest and cheapes flight to PDX).

We fly home Tuesday and arrive at 6 PM. Now, if that bus to the Cabo airport is on time...or should we take a shuttle?

Sunday night there was a carnival on the sidewalks of the water front. We found great pan and thus had a great breakfast this morning (Monday).

Wait...this is our PORT OF we started the paper cha-cha-cha. We went to the bank to get our Visa's stamped (came by boat so we could stay...thus, need visas) and paid for that. Went to the migracion office...more stamping and money...then to the ??? at the and more stamping...then we walked a mile or so to the Port the boat became official and more money was spent.

Amazing...we got all of this done by noon and stopped for a short snack. Now,so Corey says, if we were in France...stretch that to a week. Fortunately, the Mexican government has made all of this much easier this year than before. It helped a lot that Heather is able to speak espanol...seems she worked in Ecuador for most of a year and in the Chiapas another stretch. She says she gets it mixed with French a lot...but hey, it works. I would advise anyone cruising down here to take a crash course in the USA and then take a course here in Mexico. In spite of Cabo/La Paz/etc being Norte Americano turista areas...espanol is the main language. Oh yes, if you stumble, fall, but try...the local people appreciate it and understand.

Oh yes, the Tinker sails like a dream...the dingy "Squirrelly" is good...But heavy (home made out of Fiberglas).

Heather scrubbed the topsides of the neo Mar...Corey cleaned the insides...All done by the time I had made the slip accommodations this morning...What a crew. We ate the pan (warmed in our oven) and cheese for breakfast...But Heather hates the Taylor cooker. Seems like she turned a burner off...And tried to re-light it. OK, Corey turned the stove off and we let the smoke out of the cabin. She still doesn't believe that Kerosene is safer than Propane (well, she does...But doesn't want to).

I will be anxious to go home...And at the same time I will look forward to coming back on the 27th of March for some minor painting/cleaning and 2 days sailing to San Carlos. Do I have any volunteers???? Probably be a motor sail...but who could be a beam reach.

I have lots of stories to tell about the three sets of crew members the Noe Mar had, and I am sure, the crew has a ton of them on the Skipper...time will tell. If I get any e-mails from them...I will post them on the blog. OH yes, Heather is teaching me more tricks on using a PC (her personal choice is MAC) and is really good at it.

Hasta Pronto mi amigos................Skipper of the s/v Noe Mar....Ken


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