Monday, March 13, 2006

The Crews

Though I have 2 to 3 more days to sail to San Carlos, SON, Mx, I thought I'd tell everyone about the great crews that have been on board the Noe Mar during this long journey.

First leg, from Port Hadlock, WA to San Francisco bay:

Steve Dimock, Nephew, sailed aboard the Noe Mar once before for a day sail.

Totally unexperienced but a great guy.

Apparently, he trusted his "O'l Unc" a lot. Steve is very innovative, a hard worker and all around great guy.

We encountered no wind and up to 40 knots of wind. We had waves that washed clear over the Noe Mar (normally at night) and doused both of us. We actually were running under a double reefed main, working jib (small) and a reefed mizzen...then we were tossed sideways and it took both of us to control the helm, as water rushed over the starboard deck. Still, no "knock down".

We lashed the helm to a self tailing winch and took 6 hour watches. Yes, we broke the boom (due to a big worm that did in the center section of it)in 40 knots of wind. On the bright side, Steve caught a big Albacore Tuna while on the early AM watch. Steve is 41 (right?), married, runs a motel with his wife Susan...has two step-sons and a grandson. Gutsy and a great crew member.

Next leg...from San Rafael to San Diego we had two great crew members:

Aron Bosworth: US Coast Guard Able Bodied Seaman. Experienced sailor, worked as the Captain of a private sailing yacht in the Mediterranean. Very knowledgeable...good sailor...good person to have aboard , he kept me in line when it came to safety and setting the sails. Might add that he makes a mean salad...all natural...and is a good cook. Age...around 29. Going for a Masters degree in environmental studies.

Clayton Zimmerman: Young, only 18 1/2 but...sailed on many of Port Townsend's schooners. Knows his knots and sail setting. Might add that he knows all of the great people in Port Townsend and Port Hadlock that I know. He even dated a young lady (she's in College back east currently) that I sailed with when she was a new born baby strapped to her sailing Mothers front and/or her Captain Dad's front...I guess that was over 18 years ago on that Schooner. What happened to time? Might add that Clayton is with he, Aron, and myself...we had great food.

One other thing...during this leg of the journey south...we used the Navionics Autopilot that I installed in San Rafael. What a great help. This unit is strong...lots of torque...bent the main bolt holding it...but I repaired that in San Diego. Our wind was light most of the time. We did have one night where it got a little snarly...25 knots and choppy waves. We lowered the main and sailed the night under "Jib & Jigger". This was the helmsman's call (Aron in this case) and a good one. They woke me to take the helm. Glad for great crew members.

The last leg of the journey (well, one more short leg to go...later this month) the crew was made up of a young couple (mid 20's) that I met in France when I crewed on the Ocean Planet: Heather and Corey...great people and good friends. They saw Steve and I off at the Ajax Cafe in Port Hadlock and listened to Doc. Malcolm, one of my son-in-laws, play his Sax and give us a great send off.

As to sailing...they both have been racing a sailboat during this last year in the Pudget Sound area (Washington) and doing well. Thus, like the previous crew...they could and did set sails...especially light air. They both did really great with the Spinnaker and the Ballon Jib as well as the Mizzens Stays'l (Mule).

Both, Heather and Corey are great cooks...Heather is we had great food. Seems the vegetarians go to greater lengths to cook good food and great salads. We all enjoy each other's company, so our land visits were fun. Might mention that Heather speaks a fair amount of espanol....thanks Heather...that helped us out a lot. Corey, is good with marlinspike and fixing things in general. Whoopie! Sorry about the sea sickness Corey...still he stood all of his watches and was great company. Heather, always woke with a huge grin and cheery matter what time of day or night that her watch started.

All in all...great crews...and a great trip. I will send another blog about the last part of the trip from La Paz to San Carlos, SON, Mx at the end of this month.

Thanks for reading about the Noe Mar's little journey...and her great crew members...Skipper of the s/v Noe Mar...Ken Scott


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