Sunday, February 12, 2006

It's as GOOD as it gets!

I drove to Loch Lomand Marina, in San Rafael, CA last month to finish the Noe Mar for the next adventure. Candy had a meeting in SF and she flew down and stayed with me.

Fortunately I got a few days of sunshine and finished rigging the reefing lines & a new halyard. All looks good. Then it rained.

In spite of the rain, I finished the auto pilot installation. Everything seems to work well.

NO, I did not get to "swing" the compass (the new flux gate) and we will do so on our way out of the harbor (this means...slowly turn the boat around 360 deg twice to assure that nothing is interfering with the flux gate compass).

The installation was a real pain in the back...but I accomplished it. The computer for the system must be away from the needs be the flux gate, as needs be the digital reading monitor...and all must be away from the SSB/main compass...etc. Of course the boat had to be torn apart to run the wires. But it is done, and it works. What a great joy to punch +10 deg and see the tiller swing 10 deg...whoopee. Also, the Aries is rigged to work and not interfer with the Navonic we have back up. Since the Aries takes no electricty, as soon as we are at sea and settled...I will try to learn how to use it again. I still have faith in the unit.

I gave up on the Electrasan TypeII head unit...seems I am missing a $100 valve (where did I put it?)...and I ran out of time. I also, gave up on the water maker. I was going to test it...but the bay was full of slim and forget it, I will test it on the way to Mexico.

Need to call the local diver and see if he can check out the bottom and clean off the whiskers that always grow on a hull.

Aron Bosworth will be comming on the trip to San Diego...seems his prof gave him time off and a make up test. HOORAY...Aron is a US Coast Guard Able Bodied Seaman and very experienced sailing. He will make me toe the line as far as safety goes. Wow!..Seems we have signed on Clayton Zimmerman...who has sailed the Bryony and knows a lot of Port Townsend people. Turns out, he even has sailed with Aron before. Aron says he is really good (about time we have some good sailors...I need all the help I can get :) Sorry we lost Meredith Sornsen due to grad school...but hey it happens. Anyway...need to get south quick.

Now...listen to this, all of you Ocean Planet sailors...Heather and Corey will be the crew with me on the way south to the Baja and the Sea of Cortez. What fun. They both have been sailing a lot since they left France. Corey has even raced in a 40 knot breeze...he is having a blast and apparently sea sickness is subsiding. If not, we carry SCOP patches...etc. After the second day at sea, I am much better, so hopefully Corey will be just fine. He has been working on Heather's free sail boat (his father was a shipwright) and is doing great. As all the crew of the Ocean Planet know, Corey is quite a bicycle mechanic and builder.

Wish us all luck and fair winds. The seven day forcast for the Bay area is sunny but let's see what we get.

We will post our Lat/Long daily (thanks to son-in-law that is the computer geek :).

For all of the Ocean Planet crew...guess what...for the last leg...I have a great couple sailing with me...Heather Guyton & Corey Thompson...seems they both have been sailing and racing this last year...a lot and in heavy winds. Both these legs should be a real blast. Wish us fair and good winds...and warm (getting tired of snowed yesterday).

Skipper of the s/v Noe Mar......................Ken


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