Sunday, October 16, 2005

Noe Mar's recovery

It is October 16, 2005 and I just flew back from Oakland, CA.

When I arrived on the 11th, I drove down to Sausilito to see how the new boom was comming along. It looked great. I had them put a second coat of "Smiths" aka "Restore it" (a very low viscosity two part epoxy) on the ends of her. I took pictures of the old boom and discovered the worm hole bored into her and all the damage that it did...right where it broke. I even found a cocoon or egg sack...I told these boat builders/repairers to burn that sack.

The next day Jody (shipwright) brought the boom up to San Rafel on his pickup truck and I put it in place. It took me a few days to mount it, paint it, and attach the hardware. But it is done and perhaps I can lash on the main when I get back down there in a few weeks.

I found out that Pettit bought out Z-Spar and discontinued Z-Spar # 87 shell marine paint. Ouch, that is the color of the interior of the Noe Mar as well as the deck and spars. I blended a yellow with Blue White of Interluxes...though it looks is not what I want. I will try to match the color @ Rodda Paint co and call ASS (yes, Admiral Ship Supply...and the guys like the acronym)...and see if they have a couple of quarts left...for the interior.

The new radar mount arrived and looks great. My home made Al job was rubbing on my mizzen stays' I will mount that when I get back.

The new autopilot of Ray Marines will arrive next week and the new version (V12) of MaxSea is here. That one always makes me nervous...I have to back up my files and uninstall the old version. The old one (V-11) works great..but MaxSea assures me the new one is better (really???).

I printed out the files I have saved of Steve's and my trip from Charleston, OR to San Rafel, CA...looks good...unfortunately the power went down and I lost the tacking from Port Hadlock to Charleston... (dummy...remember the words "save as").

Much to do to make the next jaunt...and I am looking for a crew to sail her south (yes, in the winter...called rain and fog). Still, it should be fun. Perhaps my son and youngest daughter will come...but only if we can agree on the route and make in in a week (something about pulling into dangerous foggy harbors at night that I don't agree with...I would like to live another 30 years or so). After that...hopefully a short stay...I will be looking for a crew to take her to Mexico...or 2 crews ???

I have tried to post pictures on this blog and perhaps I will some day...but so far it "times out" and will not alow me to do so (even when the pics are fewer pixels).

I have successfully sent e-mail by SSB ( ) and recieved one by it (yes I do check the internet and recieve the e-mail that way...this one is for Bruce Schwab)...but I cannot do this 100% of the time. Many times it cannot connect to one of several stations and several propogation listings that I choose. Sail mail said tall aluminum masts in a harbor can cause problems...and since I have a short wooden mast with a split antenna...that may be the problem.

Meanwhile, Iridium ( works great...and while I am on land... works even better. So, people may send comments to any of the above. Be warned...mention the Noe Mar in the subject line...or it coud be considered spam and be deleted (unless you are a previous e-mailer and on my OK list). Of course the sailmail and ocens have very tight filters on junk mail does NOT occur...a nice feature. I keep trying to tell a couple of my granddaughters that they need to change their e-mail address (keeps be put in the spam locker). Oh yes...a couple of blogger vouyers got deleted and put in the spam category also, so if you wish to post a message on any of my e-mails or this so carefully and with repsect to me and my family...however, I do enjoy hearing from all of my friends and enthusiasts.

I am signing off for now...give you a report and hopefully some pictures (next time)....Skipper Ken


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