Sunday, October 02, 2005

Last of the first leg

We left Charleston on a blustry windy day. Called the Coast Guard for a bar report and got a green sign. Checked the latest GRIB files at our hotel room,that morning, in Bandon...blustry for a few miles and then light winds. Oh yes, thanks tons Steve and Susan for the great room at La Kris Inn (their great little motel).

Off we went (no sails but the main was reefed and ready)through the bar and out past all of the buoys and the last bell buoy before hoisting the main. OOP' sea stomach was gone...mal de mar was back, big time. I hoisted the main...belayed it off and donated to the sea it's demand. Asked Steve if he was OK and if the helm was handling correct. He said yes to both. I crashed for a few hours (to recover).

When I came up, I handed Steve the hand held anorometer and the wind read 27+ knots. Actually, we found out it was over 30 knots. We sailed on with out the jib or mizzen.

That night Steve said he watched the dolphins zip through the water, leaving phosphorescence trails...what a display. As I took watch, I mumbled about the dolphins not liking me...when shoosh, shoosh...dolphins taking a quick breath and racing forward......Yes....a light show...up to the Noe Mar...under her bow...out again...two of them following each other and spliting apart...huge glowing streaks. What a site (see it pays to whine to dolphins).

The stars and cresent moon were great...follow the little dipper...and read the soft fixed it)... well upside down and backwards...East = West, West=East, North=South,etc. Never sure why they made the compass like that...but you get used to it (I think). My watch from midnight to 6 AM is great. In fact, I couldn't bear to wake Steve up...until 8 AM. OOPs...Call Candy...or try to (left messages).

Later the wind died down some (we later found out that it was up to 40 knots) and I hoisted the Jib. Aires worked some of the time and other times...nope. Wind vanes are lousy down wind...and I think I need new bushings (it works but maybe with new bushings it will swing easier). We lash the tiller to a cleat and then around a works.

With the Genoa up, reefed main (blanketing the Genny most the time) we traveled on...up to 7 + knots. Things were going great.

Next day, we were only making 4 knots...I let the main out just a little...and we picked up speed...then it gybed on us...and swung back with a tremendous force (dummy me...with the Davis wind recorder not functioning...due to a salt bath...we never realized the speed and force of the wind behind 30+ knots?).........................BANG!!!...What...Steve says...the Boom is broke. I look and there it is...out over the water with a 45 deg angle in the middle. How to save the sail and get the boom aboard? I quickly got a spring line, with a loop, around part of the boom...lashed it and went to the back to get a "block & tackle" (I'm sorry all you is called something else at sea) that I have for a "preventer" (if I would've been using it...we would not have broken the boom...spendy lesson) and was able to reef in the boom and main sail. Now I could lower the Main...and did, somewhat. Steve sheeted in the boom sheet and thus brought the other end aboard. I lashed the sail, gaff and boom to the Noe Mar and then decided to call for help. Well, call Candy and get Linda Krooze's phone # to see if we could get moorage in the Bay area. We were intending to go to Half Moon Bay...but now we would go under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Linda called the Coast guard and got their number to us. We called on the Iridium...and then they requested we call every 2 hours. Talk about tired...every hour and a half one of us woke to call and then take the helm while the other crashed for an hour +...but we motored @ 5 knots and all went well. Thanks Candy and Linda for your help. Linda found us a spot in Sausilito and we made it in.

As we were motoring up the bay...a sail boat, with a party going on, stared at me...I still had on my Stearns off shore work suit on...I laughed and told them it was colder out there than in the bay...but keep playing...the guitar sounded great.
They asked where we were form...Port Townsend, WA, I replied...........Hey, that's where we are from.

After tying up, the group came over and tied up behind in hand.

As it turns out they were shipwrights from the PT area and one of them owned a shipwrights boat yard (small but all wood). We called them the next morning and they rowed out to get our boom and make a new one. Great team of guys and gals.

We moved the Noe Mar to San Rafel to Lock Lomand Marina (much cheaper) and there she sits.

I found a hot spot (on the side walk) and purchased tickets for me to fly home with surprise Candy...........this we did.

Oh is COLDER in Oregon.

Sorry of all the trouble and worry I caused Candy, Linda, Coast Guard...but the Noe Mar handled well and Steve was the best I could've had spite of his lack of experience. We got along well and we enjoyed each others company...what a great crew man.........Thanks Steve.

Where do we go from here? After the boom is on ??? Anyone wish to coast hop down to San Diego??? When???

I will start a new blog some time later...we may even truck her back up to Port Hadlock (that is an option)..................later my friends......Skipper Ken


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