Wednesday, November 10, 2010

La Paz 2010, 11/4-5

That evening as we sit at anchor in Cardonel Bay...we heard the bildge pump go on 3 times in a row.  Nothing makes ones heart stop faster than hearing water come in your boat.  I started quickly searching...the obvious place to look...stuffing box.  YUP!!  that was it...water pouring out in a small stream.  The Noe Mar has everything easily accessible...however,  you do need to remove a few (like 10) bronze screws to get the pipe wrench onto the threaded nut that  is part of the stuffing box.  Having done that, Brant handed me some waxed lashing line and I asked for the knife and lanolin.  I unscrewed the big nut...water really poured out, then wrapped the line around the propeller shaft, lots of lanolin, and hand screwed the nut on.  Water stopped coming in..Hooray!!  I snugged (not to tight) the nut, and put everything back,.  All was well.

Yes, I did fix dinner...Tilapia with garlic and tomatoes in olive oil.

Anchor up @ 8 AM and off to "Hook Bay" on the Isla San Francisco.  No wind, but lots (15-20 knots) last night.  Motored to keep the fridge and food cool...Oops..a block of ice next time and maybe another battery to our bank.  As you can see, we did get some wind.


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