Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tinker 2010

Here is Candy at the bow of the Tinker (seen elsewhere on this blog)we are under power. Well, if you can call a 3.3 HP Merc engine, power. I learned the hard way several things when leaving an engine for a long period of time. 1) remove the spark plug and spray in a marine grade lubricant. 2) run it out of gasoline/mix when leaving it. and now 3) if it won't start, loosen the fuel line to the float bowl, and spray in carb cleaner. These things work...the engine runs great, but do not over rev her, or you will rebuild it. The shop in San Carlos that rebuilt it called her a "Barbie" engine. :-)

As you can see, yours truly was at the helm of this small craft. The Tinker is an amazing inflatable...she sails, she rows, she motors and she is even a life raft...that and the CO2 inflatable life cushions in the Noe Mar make her very ocean safe.


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