Saturday, March 27, 2010

La Paz and the Malecon

La Paz has this great Malecon, which we walk every evening when we are in Port. Seems most of La Paz does the same thing. As previous posts have shown, there are lots of bronze statues and palm trees. We noticed a few years ago that they had added clever recycling bins on the Malecon...Organico...Inorganico. Well, Candy insisted on a picture of me between them...seems I have lost some wt. since the Hosp stay, but hey, the picture is of the recycling bins, not me. OK?

During our walks, we encounter various art fairs, music and dancing performances...especially on the week-end. Here is Candy with a local artist (I will find his name) that air brushes batiks of animals, esp African ones. I bought her one that is of a leopard...well half a leopard with this eye that won't quit. It will hang in our hall going downstairs.

The occasion for the artists being in this mall was a show given by one of the musica eschola...loved their music, but sadly there were no CD's available, and my espanol is so bad, I gave up trying to find if there ever was one. I didn't get a picture of them, but the next day I did get a small picture of the local belly dancer's school. Sorry about my use of "blogger", it seems to post pictures at the beginning of a new I need to study that procedure.

What for the next few pictures and blog... Mediterranean restaurant, car show, and Candy.
Thanks for looking at what I do and the Noe Mar.


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