Wednesday, November 10, 2010

La Paz, Nov 2010

Interesting, as I was flying home after a fun week with Brant Walsh  (Highland's IT guy) on the Noe Mar, a fellow and his wife were commenting about a fun Kayak trip from Loreto to La Paz, BCS.  They had a small sail boat that they sailed in New Mexico.  As they left he said:  Why did you not get a plastic boat rather than a wooden one.

More interesting is the fact a guy at the Marina de La Paz (where the Noe Mar is moored) was interested in sailing with me on a "Gaffer"...but he was concerned about it being made out of "wood".  WOW!!!  Wonder how all of us got here on this continent?

Let me assure everyone...a wood hulled boat is great.  Yes, in the hot climate of La Paz it takes more upkeep...seems even the bronze rivets (she is an all bronze fastened hull...redone in the 1980's) like to push out the fairing compound in their homes. Also she is a bit heavy, but I have still sailed her @ 9 knots and one of our days averaged 6 knots on this trip (motor and sail combined).  Still, she hasn't been hauled for 3  years and her bottom paint is still great (so the diver says).  I might mention, that a wooden hull absorbs water...thus at and below the water line it is the same as ballast...that and her isolated lead keel keep  her upright in the heaviest weather you can imagine.

Here is my crew...Brant Walsh...


Blogger Brant said...

Ha! I look so sullen here! I was trying to get a good sunset in the background and forgot to smile.. I was happy I swear! :)

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