Sunday, December 25, 2011

Jan 15, 2011

Candy flew down with me to actually go after a nice dinner and getting ready...sailing we did on Sat the 15.
Left the dock @ 9 AM...71 F, sunshine and no wind.  Motored @ 2,100 rpm with a speed of 5.6 knots.
9:55 spotted a pod of Dolphins...but missed taking a picture.

10 to 10:45 the Mexican Coast guard made an on board inspection.  Mainly safety and our papers.  They were interested in # of life jackets, # of VHF radios (and tested them out), fire ext. and our US Coast guard registration.  They were not interested in our TIP for the Noe Mar.  Hmmm.  This is the 4th time I have been inspected, first by the Mexican Navy and then Coast guard...etc,  Difference is the size of weapons and looking for drugs or safety.

11:30 we got some wind and sailed @ 4 K...heading 320...then we doused the sails (lost wind and we were nearing our destination).  Of course, then the wind hit us 12K on the nose.

Anchored @ 4:30 in 16 ft of water, 40' chain...all in the Ensenada Grande on the Isla Partida.  Beautiful.
That night the wind hit a good 20K, but all was well.  I fixed dinner, a glass of vino and good books.

The next day, at anchor, the wind picked up to 25 this should be great sailing back to La Paz.


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